10 Common Factors of the Best Company Career Pages

If you’re looking to attract quality candidates to your business, build a creative and engaging career page for your company website. This page should demonstrate your values, vision and company culture to help candidates better picture what it’d be like to work with you. Learn more about what a career page is, the benefits of having one and what to include on your own company career page.


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What is a career page?

A career page is a webpage featured on your company’s site that lists your open positions. Many companies also include details regarding company culture and the work environment. Candidates usually visit this page to grasp a better understanding of what it’s like to work for an organization. Strong career pages include creative elements like graphics, videos, photos, color schemes and clear calls to action that entice visitors to apply for open positions.


Benefits of having a user-friendly career page on your company’s website

 Some of the benefits of having a user-friendly career page on your company’s website that’s visually appealing and engaging include: 

  • Build brand awareness: By following search engine optimization best practices, your webpage will rank higher on search engines and increase awareness of your company, products and brand . Promoting the webpage on social media also helps a broader audience find and discover more about your company.
  • Engage candidates: When candidates arrive at your career page, it should engage and intrigue them. The graphics, color scheme and copy must invite candidates to learn more about your organization and get them excited to work with you. 
  • Bring in quality candidates: Many highly-qualified candidates have high expectations and standards for their potential companies. By listing your values, vision and company culture details on your career page, valuable candidates will see how your company aligns with their career goals.
  • Increase conversions: By listing several buttons that prompt candidates to easily apply for your positions, you’ll see higher conversions from visitors into candidates. 


Ideas of what to include on your career page

When candidates arrive at your career page, they should gain enough valuable information to picture what it’d be like to work at your company. Here are some ideas to help you create a captivating and engaging career page to attract quality candidates: 


Company benefits and perks 

List the benefits you offer, like paid time off, health insurance policies and retirement plan options. Many candidates prefer companies that provide unique perks that make them stand out from competitors. Include special perks your employees receive, like paid gym memberships, flexible work schedules, free lunches or volunteer days. 


Organized job board for open roles 

Make your open positions easy for candidates to find by featuring a job board on your page. Organize it by categories like department or location to make it simple for candidates to browse and find roles in their specific field. If you have a wide variety of jobs to feature, include a button that reads, “View all jobs.” It can drop down to list all your opportunities or take them to a separate jobs page.  


Employee testimonials 

Candidates want to know how current employees feel about the company and if they enjoy their time there. Share team members’ thoughts and opinions in creative ways, like featuring their quotes about the company in text highlighted on the page, including a video interviewing employees about their time at the company or having employees write blog posts about their work experience. This provides numerous perspectives on life at the company and the opportunities that candidates could potentially receive when working there.


Company videos 

Videos are an effective and interactive way to showcase your company and encourage employees to visit in person. Shoot a few videos around the office to capture the atmosphere and day-to-day experience of employees. Possible videos to create include: 

  • Virtual tours of the office 
  • Team member introductions 
  • Event promotions 
  • Company and employee accomplishments 
  • Introductions the application process 
  • Animated videos about the company’s history and purpose


Clear calls to action

Make the application process simple, convenient and efficient for employees by placing buttons on your page. Candidates must be able to easily click these buttons and immediately apply for the role. You can have a form drop down after they select the button or have it take them to a separate application page to input their information and attach their supporting documents. 

Consider adding buttons that automatically insert their application details from their profile on a job search website or from their resume to streamline the process.


Company location details 

Describe where your company is located and explain which activities, events or opportunities are around that area. This is a great option for companies willing to relocate employees to their city. It’s also best to include this section if you have multiple locations to help employees better understand where each office is. If your company is fully remote, explain those details in this section as well to avoid any potential confusion. 


Visually appealing colors and fonts

Visitors are more likely to stay on your page and explore your website further if the design is attractive. Feature visually-appealing colors and fonts that are easy to read. Make sure to include a reasonable amount of white space on your page’s layout to ease the candidate’s viewing experience and keep them from feeling overwhelmed by too much text. 


Photos of employees and other attractive graphics 

Include an appropriate combination of both text and graphics to give viewers an occasional break from reading. Showcase pictures of your workplace and employees for candidates to see what they look like. Consider adding in fun, moving graphics that demonstrate your company’s information in an entertaining way. 


Mission, values and vision 

List your company’s values and vision so candidates learn the purpose of your company and what motivates its employees. Your values and vision should describe your company’s personality and how it stands out from the rest. It should define what qualities your company aims to focus on, like community, teamwork or a commitment to customer service. 

Your mission statement defines the purpose of your company to help inspire candidates and employees. This should define what your company wants to achieve and the goals you’re working toward each day. 


Workspace and day-to-day routine details 

Give candidates a great idea of what it’s like to work with the company. Explain what the daily routine in the office entails and highlight different departments, teams and committees. Show what the workspace looks like as well by highlighting your office layout. If it’s a collaborative atmosphere, include pictures of the open design concept. 

Building an effective company career page allows candidates to picture themselves working on your team. To improve accuracy of what it’s like to work there, get thoughts and opinions from your team or assign a group of employees to complete a project centered on designing this webpage to attract candidates.

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