Careers in HR: What’s on the Horizon in HR?

A human resources department is an important and often essential part of many organizations. HR professionals oversee various aspects of how an organization is run, including employee hiring, satisfaction and retention. Here we take a look at the job outlook for HR jobs and some of the most popular careers in human resources.


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What is human resources management? 

Human resources management is the overall management of a company’s employees. This may include compensation, hiring, training and other factors directly related to employees. Common human resources jobs include human resources manager, human resources consultant and recruiter.


What is the job outlook for careers in human resources?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for human resources specialists is expected to grow 5% between 2018 and 2028, which is on par with the national average for all occupations. The BLS also states that the job outlook for human resources managers is slightly higher at 7%, which is faster than the average growth rate of other occupations. Specialties within the HR industry that have become increasingly popular include recruiting and learning and development specialist positions.


Popular human resources jobs

Here are 11 jobs in human resources that are currently in demand: 


1. Human Resources Coordinator

National Average Salary: $38,043 per year

Primary Duties: Human resources coordinators perform various administrative tasks for the human resources department in a company. These tasks may include maintaining employee records, helping with payroll and keeping track of recruitment efforts.


2. Human Resources Specialist

National Average Salary: $48,333 per year

Primary Duties: A human resources specialist is primarily responsible for helping organizations find and hire the most appropriate and qualified employees for open positions in the company. Common duties of an HR specialist include recruiting candidates, holding interviews and completing background checks on applicants. HR specialists may work as permanent employees for an organization or as part of a temporary agency or placement firm in which they fill positions for other companies. These professionals may travel to job fairs to recruit applicants and increase awareness of open positions within their organization.

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3. Human Resources Generalist

National Average Salary: $57,366 per year

Primary Duties: A human resources generalist is a person who manages various human resource activities and duties within a company. Duties of an HR generalist may include performing new staff orientations, overseeing employee improvement plans and developing employee procedures and guidelines.


4. Executive Recruiter

National Average Salary: $60,566 per year

Primary Duties: Executive recruiters oversee recruitment efforts for an organization or recruitment company. They may manage the business’s recruiting process, reach out to potential candidates and perform interviews. These professionals are typically responsible for filling high-level or executive positions in organizations, such as chief operating officer or chief executive officer.


5. Training and Development Manager

National Average Salary: $67,579 per year

Primary Duties: Training and development managers are responsible for the production and implementation of employee training and development in the workplace. They may also oversee the budget and staff involved in employee training and development programs. Additional duties include measuring the effectiveness of training and development programs and determining each employee’s training needs.


6. Human Resources Manager

National Average Salary: $71,537 per year

Primary Duties: Human resources managers oversee a company’s human resources department and all plans and programs that are a part of it. Common duties of a human resources manager include developing human resources plans and programs, managing employee benefits and compensation plans and packages and recommending and developing new procedures and policies for the workplace.

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7. Employee Relations Manager

National Average Salary: $72,340 per year

Primary Duties: Employee relations managers are in charge of overseeing all aspects of employee relations. Their primary goal is to promote a positive and productive relationship between employer and employees and ensure employees are satisfied with their positions. They also manage any conflict resolution and help improve an organization’s performance management system.


8. Benefits Manager

National Average Salary: $74,585 per year

Primary Duties: A benefits manager is a professional responsible for developing and overseeing benefits programs in the workplace. They may also perform research to determine improved benefits programs and recommend these to management. Additional duties of a benefits manager may include developing a company’s pay structure, modifying compensation plans to meet industry standards and ensuring all pay and benefits programs are compliant with federal and state regulations.


9. Labor Relations Specialist

National Average Salary: $77,594 per year

Primary Duties: Labor relations specialists are professionals who primarily work for government agencies, unions and labor organizations as liaisons between employees and management. They may create proposals and present regulations and rules that assist in effective communication and agreements between employees and employers, and create contracts that address issues such as salaries, benefits and organizational practices.


10. Director of Employee Experience

National Average Salary: $86,068 per year

Primary Duties: Director of employee experience is a newer position within the HR industry and is steadily increasing in demand. This position entails various duties including onboarding new employees, ensuring the work environment is positive and rewarding and creating an organizational structure that attracts top talent. Additional tasks may include developing employee recognition programs, performing and analyzing employee surveys and making recommendations to management based on information gathered from employees.


11. Director of Human Resources

National Average Salary: $98,211 per year

Primary Duties: A director of human resources, who also may be referred to as a chief human resources officer, is in charge of overseeing every aspect of a company’s human resources department. Common duties include managing budgets, determining staffing needs and hiring and training new employees. Additional tasks may include keeping track of employee records, overseeing payroll distribution and managing employee performance reviews.


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