Claiming Your Business on Google: Steps to Take

Increasing your business’ online presence helps customers easily locate you and learn more about your business. Claiming your business on Google proves you’re legitimate too. Learn what it means to claim your business on Google and how to correctly verify it. 


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What does it mean to claim your business on Google?

When you claim your business on Google, it appears on the side panel of results after people search for you online. This makes it easier for customers to discover and learn more about your business. Users typically search your business on Google to find your hours of operation, contact information or product items. 

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How to claim your business on Google

You must follow Google’s steps to become a verified business on their platform: 


1. Create a Google account

If you don’t yet have a Google account, build one by creating an email account and picking a professional email address. A strong email address is typically "" Sign into your existing account if you’ve already made one.


2. Find your business on Google

Type your business’ name and city into Google’s search engine. Your business’ name and unverified information should appear in a box on the right side of the page. Click on the "Maps" option underneath the search engine to see a map of your business’ location. 

On the map, click on the red pin that marks your business’ location. The box with your business’ information will appear again. Click the button inside the box that says, "Claim this business."


3. Click the "manage this page" option and verify yourself

You’ll be directed to a new page prompting you to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy once you click the button. Press the "Manage Now" option. It’ll take you to a new page asking you to choose a way to verify yourself as the representative of a business. You can verify by: 

  • Phone: Get a call on your business phone from Google with your verification code.
  • Email: Allow Google to send a verification code to your email.
  • Mail: Receive a postcard from Google with a verification code.

Once you’re sent the verification code, sign back on to Google, click "verify location" from the menu, enter the code and click "submit." Google still allows you to edit your business’ information before verifying your account, but it’s best to verify it as soon as you can for the listing to officially appear on Google.


4. Edit your information 

You’ll find a box that lets you edit the listing. Ensure all of your business’ information, including address, contact information and business hours, are all correct. Add additional information like your website or Facebook page to increase site traffic and build brand awareness. 


5. Add photos of your business

Help entice people to visit your business by adding pictures of your business or your products. For example, if you own a restaurant, share pictures of your staff, the restaurant’s interior and your menu items. This allows potential customers to familiarize themselves with your business. Photos also make your business look friendly and inviting. Click " Apply" after adding photos and your business information.


Frequently asked questions about claiming your business on Google


Why should I claim my business on Google?

When visitors find your business on Google and see a complete, verified listing, they’ll have more trust that it’s a legitimate business. This encourages more people to call or visit your company and purchase its products. Claiming your business on Google also helps you get found in local search results. For instance, if someone was searching for a clothing boutique in their area, your clothing business would show up. 


What happens if you claim a business on Google?

If you claim a business on Google, it comes up as a verified business, which essentially builds trust with your potential customers. Claiming your business also allows you to edit and have control over information that appears on your business listing. 


Is Google My Business free?

Yes. Google My Business is a free tool organizations use to manage their Google presence. It allows you to interact with customers by responding to their reviews of your business. You’ll also have free access to analytics that tell you how many people viewed your listing and called your business using the phone number in your listing.

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