15 Employee Recognition Software Tools for 2022

HR professionals have long understood the value of recognizing employees for their various accomplishments and actions. The globally competitive marketplace increases the challenges of providing a platform for employee communication and recognition.
Fortunately, employee recognition software tools combine recognition and rewards with survey capabilities and comprehensive analytics. They provide a way to effectively improve employee morale, productivity and retention rates.

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What is employee recognition software?

Employee recognition software is a web-based application that allows colleagues and managers to recognize and reward employees for exemplary performance or accomplishments. Incentives may range from social media recognition to certificates and company-awarded bonuses, such as an afternoon off, a gift card or travel awards. See our list of 32 incentives to consider offering employees. 


When managed effectively, a recognition app provides HR and management with the appropriate tools to motivate their employees, enhance positive communication, improve productivity and reduce turnover rates.


What to look for when choosing employee recognition software

Acknowledging employee contributions to the company is fundamental to increasing productivity and retention rates as well as ROI. When organizations are spread out globally or encompass remote workers, the most effective way to recognize great work is through a software program. That being said, not all apps are created equal. Consider the following features before implementing a program at your business.


1. Security

One way to secure your proprietary data while incorporating recognition software is to check the platform’s security certification. Choosing a vendor with an ISO 27001 to ensure the company has invested in the security of its clients.


2. System compatibility

Choosing a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing software allows HR to access all systems at once.


3. Unified dashboard

Creating a consistent recognition and rewards program that extends to all employees and departments is particularly important for large companies that operate from several sites. A dashboard that can handle multiple languages and locales is a cost-effective resource.


4. Real-time accessibility

You want to select a platform that offers reporting when you need it to gain insight into the recognitions and budgetary matters that are received and sent.


5. Reflection of company values

Software should allow HR to effortlessly align employee recognitions with the organization’s core values.


6. A fun, social user experience

Choose a platform that’s enjoyable for employees to use. Promoting positive public accolades encourages participation and contributes to a motivated workforce.


7. Customized recognition and reward structure

Choose a program that fits your budgetary guidelines. You may want to award certificates, comp time or rewards with monetary value, and the platform you choose should accommodate each level of desired recognition.


Employee recognition software

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Price: Applauz’ pricing includes a free plan for companies with less than 10 employees. It extends to $3 per person per month for businesses with 10 to 500 employees. The platform also offers custom pricing for large organizations.

Key features:

  • Employee goals tracking
  • Company newsfeed
  • Company values badges
  • Employee pulse surveys
  • Incentivized goals and rewards

Well suited for small to midsize companies, Applauz offers tools that track and manage employee engagement. The platform promotes participation with an incentive program that recognizes great work and attitudes. Peers and managers award each other points that act as currency that can be redeemed for employee perks and merchandise. Company perks are customizable and may include company branded merchandise, time off or free lunch. The marketplace provides more than 3,000 products and offers a live chat option for shopping convenience.



Price: Appreiz’ monthly rates range from $90-$225 per 50 users, depending on features. The company offers customized pricing for businesses with more than 10,000 employees. Clients can also get a feel for the company’s employee recognition apps by trying Appreiz’ 30-day free trial without releasing credit card information.

Key features:

  • Displays a Facebook-like platform, encouraging instant recognition
  • Flexibility with creating company-specific rewards
  • Links employee recognition with gamification
  • Allows employees to generate graphs for data tracking

Appreiz works effectively for businesses that range from 10 to over 10,000 employees. Its adaptable interface allows management to set goals, manage performance and create rewards points as well as a rewards catalog. The platform also encourages peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition and nominations. Appreiz integrates with Mac, Windows and web-based platforms in addition to iPhone and Android applications.



Price: Assembly offers four plans that range from free to $3 per person per month, depending on features. The company also provides a customized plan that’s priced according to the organization’s needs and requirements. The Team package runs $2 per person per month and adds custom core values, allowances and currency, unlimited message history and 10 gift cards of choice. At $3 per person per month, the Business plan includes features such as custom branding, more than 75 gift cards and birthday and anniversary bots.

Key features:

  • A core values sidebar that provides visibility of highly valued qualities
  • A range of badge options that showcase specific talents or skills
  • Birthday and anniversary recognition

Assembly’s Free plan makes the platform accessible for small and large businesses. It includes unlimited team members and recognition as well as custom culture rewards and three months of message history. Its peer-to-peer recognition feature helps boost morale with positive messages and rewards. The employee recognition software can be integrated with Slack.



Price: Blueboard provides a free demo before determining which of the platform’s features best suit the company’s needs. All pricing is tailored to meet the organization’s requirements.

Key features:

  • Delivers experiential rewards, such as travel, lessons and spa days rather than cash or gift cards
  • Generates shareable stories and conversations between employees that help build engagement
  • Motivates with health incentives to promote health benefits

Blueboard provides employees the opportunity to create memorable experiences through a selection of personalized bucket list rewards. Employees choose the rewards that are the most meaningful to them. Its products include anniversary awards, employee referral incentives, sales incentives and SPIFFs, spot recognition, well-being incentives and President’s Club for sales teams. The recognition and incentive platform develops experiential rewards that generate shareable conversations and excitement around the team’s efforts.



Price: Bonusly offers its Core rate of $2.70 per month per user for small teams. Its Pro package is $4.70 per month per user and includes more comprehensive recognition and rewards features. The employee recognition software company also provides a custom pricing option for midsize and large organizations. It includes all of the Core and Pro package elements plus additional options.

Key features:

  • Bonusly offers a free trial that doesn’t require credit card information
  • The platform integrates with existing company software, saving administrative time
  • Analytics provide detailed reports, showing where employees excel
  • Digital signage displays recent bonuses on all workplace screens
  • A tailored manager experience offers recognition and bonus customizations

Bonusly provides small employers and large corporations the opportunity to streamline recognition and rewards while delivering actionable analytics. Each person in the organization can receive public recognition by their peers or managers for their contributions. Employee turnover can have serious consequences for business owners. One way to help keep your employees motivated and engaged is with recognition apps, such as Bonusly.



Price: Business managers are encouraged to try Bucketlist’s free trial that includes all of the platform’s features before determining the plan that’s best suited for their companies’ needs.

Key features:

  • Offers more than 4,000 items in 20 countries, with incentives ranging from $5 gift cards to travel experiences
  • Integrates with a variety of software programs, including ADP, Ascentis and BambooHR
  • Provides streamlined communication with posted events, announcements and thank you notes

Bucketlist utilizes dashboards and reports to recognize employees’ strengths and build on improved retention rates. It offers employee of the month, team player, safety, performance and innovation awards. Its built-in newsletter improves communication within and between teams in the same building and internationally. Well-suited for midsize and large companies of between 100 and 10,000 or more employees, Bucketlist offers an incentive program that helps develop employee engagement.



Price: Interested business owners and managers can request a free demo and pricing information. Fond’s pricing structure is based on business size; however, all programs include an annual subscription rate free of markups and hidden costs and billing charges.

Key features:

  • Social recognition that acknowledges accomplishments and milestones
  • Customization of service awards from the catalog to track important dates
  • Prenegotiated corporate discounts on a variety of travel, fitness and entertainment options
  • Performance analytics that tracks program performance, perks and usage

As a global SaaS platform, Fond effectively consolidates employee recognition and rewards processes for organizations of 1,000 or more employees. Each company’s reward and recognition budget is tailored to meet its unique needs. Managers and employees have the opportunity to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments and redeem rewards without overloading the HR Department with added administrative tasks. The company’s reward points never expire, and unused points are returned to the employer.



Price: Guusto’s rates range from free for single users to $45 per month per 10 members. Guusto also offers a $15 per month per 10 member add-on feature that includes a peer-to-peer nomination box for nonmonetary rewards.

Key features:

  • Gifts can be redeemed through its internet or mobile app
  • Gifts can be split between multiple merchants and never expire
  • Platform integrates with Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Navigation command center simplifies tracking
  • Permits team management

Guusto’s employee recognition software offers solutions for midsize companies with 250 to 1,000 employees and large companies with over 1,000 employees. Its flexible platform allows one central location to load up to 1,000 gifts at a time or several managers to send rewards in real time. Its rewards may be redeemed with more than 60,000 merchants. Data tracking includes expense and gift reports as well as taxable benefits, and its services include a custom consultation package to develop a rewards strategy.



Price: Kazoo’s pricing begins with its Growth package at $9 per person per month that accommodates 100 to 250 employees. It moves on to the Standard plan for $7 per person per month, covering businesses with 250 to 1,000 employees. The company also offers a custom Enterprise plan suitable for 1,000 or more employees.

Key features:

  • Uses individual employee’s assessment and career goals to identify team strengths
  • Managers utilize pulse surveys to make data-driven decisions
  • Employee nominations encompass team and level recognition

Kazoo offers feedback, recognition and assessment results to employees’ career goals. As the platform tracks an individual’s success, it motivates further growth and development. Kazoo’s real time rewards and recognition helps organizations create a purpose-driven culture that improves productivity and retention.



Price: Kudos offers three plans, and the company’s pricing is available upon request.

Key features:

  • Recognition opportunities include peer-to-peer, birthdays and anniversaries, certificates, video and customized rewards
  • Communication and sharing tools provide an internal communication space, media sharing, newsletters and employee profiles
  • Integrates with existing software and current tools already in place

Kudos is suited for companies with an employee range of 250 to more than 20,000 and extends to 80 countries with 30 verticals. The corporate social network platform encourages peer-to-peer recognition to engage teams and enhance communication, appreciation and collaboration. It offers an engagement dashboard and a variety of customized reports. The Kudos Basic program includes peer recognition, video recognition and basic reports. The Kudos Plus plan expands its offerings to encompass custom awards and certificates, photo galleries, announcements, events calendar and analytic dashboards and reports. The Kudos Enterprise program is the most comprehensive plan, providing more controls and insights.



Price: Motivosity provides a range of features with monthly price points that begin at $1 and extend to $6.50 per person per month. The platform also offers a Listen package at $2 per person per month.

Key features:

  • Peer-to-peer social recognition
  • Feedback collection
  • Monetary reward and gift card management

Motivosity presents companies with the opportunity to turn satisfaction surveys into a mutually beneficial working environment. Managers can create and customize surveys and measure progress by comparing previous data. Studies show that listening to employees’ opinions through satisfaction surveys improves engagement and productivity while decreasing turnover rates. The Listen Plan focuses on employee satisfaction surveys as well as eNPS and turnover tracking and analysis. Other available features include personality profiles, interest groups, announcements, influence currency and rewards.



Price: Nectar’s pricing ranges from free to $3.50 per user per month. It also offers an Employee Perk add-on for $0.60 per active user per month, which offers access to more than 50,000 discounts.

Key features:

  • Connects Slack, Microsoft Teams and other company software to enhance engagement
  • Integrates with the organization’s HRIS/HCM and SSO providers
  • Includes wellness challenges and initiatives that encourage employee participation
  • Provides an on-demand custom swag storefront that includes direct shipping without the need for administrative overhead

Nectar’s 360 recognition and rewards platform helps businesses reinforce core values by acknowledging quality work. The app also encourages communication between team members. Managers can streamline incentives and maintain a connected culture regardless of physical locale. The software is available for an unlimited number of users and includes peer-to-peer recognition, custom allowances and core values, more than 100 reward options and participation analytics. The Standard package expands to include manager-to-employee recognition, centralized company rewards, birthday and anniversary recognition, global reward options and Slack integration. The company’s Plus package also includes HRIS and SSO integrations as well as organizational network analysis.



Price: Qarrot’s pricing begins at $3 per person per month, and the company offers custom options for organizations larger than 200 employees. Managers are encouraged to try the free demo and trial offers to experience all of the available features, including award campaigns, employee-to-employee and manager-to-employee recognition and analytics and reports.

Key features:

  • Objective-driven award campaigns
  • Employee recognition that encourages positive interaction
  • HRIS integrations and administrative dashboard and reporting

Effective for small to midsize companies, Qarrot offers features such as role-based budgets that allow a fixed-point program to keep costs in check. The platform’s public social feed encourages communication between peers and celebrates meaningful milestones. Badges can be customized based on the company’s core values and may include team player, problem solver and strong leader recognition.



Price: Terryberry’s programs begin with a $3.75 per employee per month wellness program and extend to the $300 per month AwardsPoints plan. Employers are invited to participate in a free demo to develop a recognition program that delivers the features necessary for employee and company success.

Key features:

  • Provides a diverse range of program options to meet unique company goals
  • Administrative dashboard offers access to engagement and performance data for individuals and organizations
  • Employee recognition program delivers peer-to-peer and manager-driven recognition with diverse incentive options

Terryberry offers webinars and a wide variety of reward products. It’s designed for organizations to develop a recognition culture that acknowledges and promotes employee strengths. The platform features service anniversary and achievement awards as well as peer recognition and wellness programs.



Price: Workstars’ platform pricing is based on the number of employees, and it features four levels. It begins at $2 per user per month for organizations with between 50 and 250 employees. Companies with more than 1,000 users are offered a starting price of $1.10 per person per month. Workstars does not require a setup fee.

Key features:

  • Offers peer-to-peer recognition
  • Businesses can access prepaid cards and rewards or create their own catalog
  • Utilizes a social wall to nominate colleagues for awards
  • Integrates with existing company software, including Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Salesforce Chatter
  • Add languages, countries and currencies to accommodate a global workforce

Workstar is adaptable for small local companies as well as large global organizations. The platform adapts to its clients’ budgets, accommodating employee-awarded bonuses as well as corporate awards. Workstar offers secure cloud hosting through Amazon Web Services.


Employee recognition software FAQs


How do I begin with an employee rewards software program?

The main components for considering the appropriate employee recognition platform are program goals, budget and technology capabilities. Determine the expected outcome of incorporating a recognition and reward software program, such as improved morale, increased productivity, fewer absences and lower turnover rates. Choose a plan that suits your brand and intentions as well as your budget and technology.


How is the success of an employee recognition platform measured?

There are several opportunities to measure your employee recognition platform’s success. They include platform usage rates, direct employee feedback, on-the-job performance, quick polls and reward redemption rates, among others. Choose a recognition plan that provides tracking and analytics capabilities that allow you to input your business’ metrics.


How does employee recognition software help improve employee engagement?

An effective recognition software provides the platform employees need to give and receive necessary feedback. Such an outlet for communication empowers employees by removing self-doubt and anxiety. Clearly defined goals offer employees a purpose-driven course to successfully achieve milestones.

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