7 Company Mission Statement Examples

Today, it’s more important than ever to align your company values with your target audience. A clear, meaningful mission statement is one of the keys to connecting with the public. It gives the public a clear understanding of your company’s mission, while also giving prospective hires insight into your culture. If you’re not sure how to craft the right message, look to these company mission statement examples and best practices.
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What is a company mission statement?

Your company’s mission statement details the functions of the business and how employees approach their work to reach company goals. Additionally, the company mission statement explains why your company provides products and services to customers. A mission statement can draw motivated, inspired employees who really believe in what your company does. However, a mission statement shouldn’t just be an attractive slogan; rather, mission statements should align with the company’s culture and present a direction for the future.

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Why are mission statements important?

Your company’s mission statement identifies how your company differs from the competition. Customers might view the mission statement as the reason to work with your company, particularly if your values align with theirs.

Companies view the mission statement as a form of internal communication, as it reveals how an employee’s behavior affects the contributions they make. If employees make decisions about the future of the company, they look at your company’s mission statement to provide them with guidance on the goals they’re aiming to reach. Employees may use the mission as inspiration to generate new ideas that align with your company’s core values.

A strong mission statement serves as a foundation for a strong company culture. This helps elevate working at your company from being just a job to something that matters to them, wherein they’ll feel motivated to produce high-quality results. Furthermore, the mission statement can help your company recruit employees that adhere to the values of your mission statement.

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How to write a company mission statement

Here are steps to write a company mission statement:

1. Outline your company’s products and services 

Discuss the products and services that your company provides to customers. Keep this part simple so that employees and customers understand the way your company is profitable.

A few examples include: 

  • Provide customer service 
  • Sell hardware and software 
  • Grow fruits and vegetables 
  • Sell luxury vehicles 
  • Provide marketing services 

2. Note how your company operates 

Review your company’s core values to give a brief description of its core values. The core values included in this part of the mission statement showcase the guiding principles that all employees abide by. Create a list of your company’s core competencies to separate you from your competitors while explaining what your company does. 

Here are some examples your company may use: 

  • Render premium customer service 
  • Produce high-quality products 
  • Preserve environmental practices 
  • Give unlimited access to tools and resources 
  • Practice innovation and sustainability 
  • Develop creative processes  

3. Highlight your company’s purpose 

Use this section to describe the reasoning behind why your business operates. Speak with members of your senior leadership team to outline the company’s purpose. Then, gather input from your employees to see if their answers on the company’s purpose match with your senior leadership team’s. It’s particularly important that you obtain information from employees who worked for your company since the beginning or those who have the highest longevity with your company. Thanks to their position in the company, they’ll possess special insight into the founder’s intentions and the direction for your company’s future.

Here are a few examples of a company’s purpose: 

  • Sell designer dresses for each customer so they can enjoy a fashionable and comfortable wardrobe
  • Provide technical services that help companies spend more time growing their business and their employees
  • Grow fruits from local gardens while abiding by sustainable practices to produce healthy food options

4. Advertise your mission statement 

Once your company finalizes the mission statement, advertise it using internal and external channels. Start by publishing it on your company’s website so the public can know more about your company’s brand. If your business has a physical location, redesign your office space to make the mission statement visible to employees. Additionally, include it in your company’s employee handbook. If you have one, consult with your marketing department on best practices to promote your company’s mission statement.

Company mission statement examples

Here are several mission statement examples for business:

1. Marketing company

Here at Gene’s Marketing, our mission is to provide marketing services for companies seeking to promote their products all over the world. Our global focus and digital marketing efforts through social media and video help brands connect with customers from all continents and learn more about what the global community has to offer. 

2. Clothing store

M&W sells chic and sustainable men’s and women’s clothing suited for your needs. Our purpose is to provide wholesome outfits while using eco-friendly practices to design various clothing lines. Our commitment demonstrates the urgency to preserve the environment while encouraging customers to make environmentally conscious clothing purchases. 

3. Airline

TY Airlines offers affordable domestic flights while striving for a customer experience that brings happiness and the confidence to fly with us again and again. We want our employees to strive for growth every day and have a positive impact on their community and their families. 

Real company mission statement examples

Any business can learn from mission statements that successful companies provide. Here are four example company mission statements from famous international corporations:

4. The Coca-Cola Company

Refresh the world. Make a difference.

The Coca-Cola company’s mission statement serves as a concise, punchy version of its vision statement. In six short words, the company tells you that it’s committed to producing refreshing drinks and creating positive social change.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people – for customers, but also for our co-workers and the people who work at our suppliers [and to] offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

IKEA offers a strong, consumer-focused message.

6. Atlassian 

Behind every great human achievement, there is a team. From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, our products help teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software. Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every team.

Atlassian’s mission statement speaks to the power of collaboration and the company’s devotion to facilitating teamwork.

7. American Airlines

Committed to providing every citizen of the world with the best service of air travel to the extensive selection of destinations possible.

American Airlines’ mission statement highlights the global scope of its operations and the grandeur of travel. 

Company mission statement FAQs


What is the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement? 

A mission statement documents your company’s purpose and core values. A vision statement is a description of where your company aspires to go. The vision statement notes your company’s actions and how they align with future decisions.

What are the benefits of having a mission statement? 

A mission statement communicates the organization’s core values to help your company become successful. It prevents the organization from veering away from the goals your company prioritizes. The mission statement assures stakeholders, such as investors, of your commitment to goals and values. Investors provide more resources to companies with mission statements.

Should company mission statements be included in job descriptions?

You should be sure to include company mission statements in job descriptions for leadership positions. Startups and companies that are prioritizing a cultural fit should also include mission statements in their job descriptions as well, as this can help attract desired candidates.

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