Fun and Unique Office Supplies

Fun office supplies can liven up your workplace and create a company culture that your employees love. From cool desk accessories to items that encourage relaxation, there are plenty of things you can use to turn your work area into an exciting, inviting space.


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How fun office supplies help improve productivity

Creating a fun work environment helps keep employees motivated and reduces the risk of burnout. Happier employees stay engaged, and cool office supplies capture the imagination to reduce workplace stress. Here are some ideas for unique and creative office supplies:


Fun office supplies that enhance employee health

Keeping your staff healthy ensures that everyone is in top condition to perform their best. Offer employees the option of using exercise balls as chairs to encourage healthy sitting. Another idea is to stock a small office with yoga and meditation supplies and encourage employees to take short health breaks to focus their minds and relax before tackling the next big task.


Keeping your office clutter-free also has health benefits, so stock up on cool trash cans, such as those that open via infrared sensor or feature themed designs. Cute cable clips and cord organizers also help keep things tidy while adding a sense of whimsy to your office.


Cool desk accessories to keep you focused

When most of your day is spent at a desk, accessories for your desktop help you stay focused and maintain a positive attitude. Provide themed desk calendars, colorful file trays and unique pens for employees to use at their desks. Create an overall theme for your office decor that reflects your branding, and upgrade common small accessories to match your theme. As an example, a company with an octopus in their logo might choose octopus- themed tape dispensers, pencil holders and USB drives to match their existing branding. Even without a specific theme, you can color-coordinate employee supplies to bring a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome office and create a cohesive look that emphasizes your commitment to working as a team.


Creating a soothing natural office vibe

From crunch time to months-long projects that require intense focus, there are plenty of things that cause workplace stress. While getting out into nature is a great stress-reliever, sometimes you need to bring the natural world indoors. Placing plants in your office gives the space a soothing vibe while also improving indoor air quality, and foliage options range from potted plants at each workstation to full living walls of tumbling vines. Small zen gardens offer a relaxing escape from the pressures of work, and burbling water fountains add soothing, natural sounds to your office.


Exciting office gadgets for a high tech workplace

If your staff likes being on the cutting edge of technology, high tech office gadgets can turn your workplace into a fun environment that boosts innovation and creativity. Consider using remote-controlled cars to move messages around the workplace instead of physically walking from desk to desk in your open office, or install a VR station for onsite employees to participate in virtual meetings with team members or clients at other locations. Another idea is to provide personal gadgets that help employees focus, such as:

  • Fidget pens that feature buttons and knobs for employees to press and turn to relieve restlessness
  • Compact biofeedback devices that monitor stress levels
  • Electronic folio pads that digitize handwritten notes
  • Tomato timers to help employees focus on specific timed tasks
  • Miniature USB-powered desk vacuum cleaners to clear away crumbs and tiny pieces of paper
  • Posture monitors to help employees maintain an ergonomic position while working

Game areas and fun stations

Sometimes your staff just needs a break, so create a game area or fun stations where employees can socialize in a fun, creative way. If you have the space, a small pool table or air hockey setup gives workers a chance to unwind during breaks. Another idea is to create a small game corner with a selection of board games and puzzles. On a smaller scale, you can fill a basket with small brain teasers, such as metal puzzles, Perplexus maze games and Rubix cube puzzles. Your break area might also be a space for employees to mingle and socialize, so you can encourage workers to meet there and participate in an office lottery pool or other joint endeavor.


Communication aids for convenient sharing

Keeping clear lines of communication open between employees and management can be fun with the right accessories. Install community pin-up boards for people to post everything from important notices about the next office party to anonymous compliments about a fellow employee’s performance. Some other fun office supplies that can help boost office communication include:

  • Colorful post-it notes in cute shapes
  • Emoji stickers that employees can add to notes, messages and files
  • Custom stationery
  • Magnetic poetry sets for the office fridge or filing cabinets
  • Roller notes that unwind a sheet of sticky-backed paper in any length you want

Ways to incorporate fun accessories into your office

If you’re interested in incorporating more fun and creative supplies into your workplace, take all of the senses into account to create a cohesive theme. Some things to consider include:


Visual components

Decorating your office with colorful wall decals, patterned wall tiles and accessories that hang from the ceiling can give the space a cheerful feel. Allowing personal decor, such as framed photos or cute desk accessories, at employees’ desks lets each team member design their space for optimal enjoyment and stress reduction.


Sounds in the office

Music in the office can help improve productivity and boost the mood of people working there, so consider installing an office-wide stereo setup. For a more relaxed environment, natural sounds such as flowing water or gentle wind chimes, may create the vibe your employees need to succeed.


Touchable textures

Stock your break area with textured pillows and furniture that provides comfortable seating. Think about other places you can add texture to the workspace, such as fabric-covered bulletin boards or sleek leather conference room chairs.


Scent in the workplace

Scents often get overlooked in the workplace, and employers may shy away from introducing fragrances that might irritate sensitive noses. This doesn’t mean you should avoid scent entirely, though. Discuss with your employees whether an aromatherapy diffuser or air fresheners might be an option, particularly in areas of the office where less pleasant scents tend to develop.


Tastes to tempt your staff

Consider upgrading your coffee machine to a more sophisticated espresso setup and offer healthy snacks that provide nutrition to power long days in front of the computer.


However you opt to decorate your office, invite your employees to take part in designing the office space and incorporating more creativity into the workplace. Your staff might have ideas for specific items they want or things that could make the work environment less stressful.

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