Gifts for Businesses: 6 Client Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Building client relationships can have lasting positive impacts for your company, and gifts for businesses are a great way to nurture those relationships. So if you want to increase engagement with your customers and express your gratitude for their business, consider giving your clients a gift.


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Why and when should you give client gifts?

Fostering successful client relationships requires offering value, building trust and showing appreciation. You can help build client trust and show your appreciation through giving gifts. Demonstrating your appreciation in this way can be beneficial for your business for many reasons, including:

  • Showing your clients that you see them as more than a way to generate revenue, which can also highlight your company values
  • Inspiring positive reviews of your company or organization, which can lead to new customers
  • Increasing brand awareness through introductory and sample gifts for referral clients and new customers

Consider giving client gifts throughout your client-business relationship, including:

  • During significant milestones or anniversaries, such as a one-year anniversary, to demonstrate customer appreciation
  • Any time your clients refer others to purchase your business’ products or services
  • When a client retires their account with your business, sending a “going away” or “send-off” gift to thank them for their business
  • On client birthdays if your business has a long-standing relationship with your clients
  • For holidays and community celebrations

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Tips for selecting the right gifts for businesses

When you’re choosing the gifts you want to give your business clients, consider the following tips to help you find the right one:

  • Make the gift personal. Invite your account management team to give input about what each client likes, their interests and other information that can help you personalize their gifts.
  • Set a budget according to the business relationship. For instance, if your clients pay a $100 yearly subscription fee, set a budget relative to this, such as a $15 discount on future subscriptions.
  • Give clients a choice. Let clients choose between two or three gift options, like a gift certificate to one out of a few different restaurants or venues.


6 clients gifts ideas

Consider this list of gift ideas for your business clients, which includes a range of options appropriate for all levels of business relationships, from newly acquired clients to your most loyal customers:

  • Beverage samplers
  • Snack baskets
  • Office gear
  • Gift cards
  • Gift certificates
  • Catered lunch


Beverage samplers

Pick out a unique gift basket filled with sample-size beverages. It can be gourmet coffee samples, herbal tea samples, liquors or organic hot cocoa. Clients who are beverage aficionados are sure to enjoy these types of gifts, especially when you include a personal “thank you for your business” note with the basket.


Snack baskets

For clients who love variety in their snacks, opt for a food basket with snack foods, fruits or other favorites. Personalize clients’ snack basket with gluten-free options, organic selections, vegetarian or vegan items. If you have a client who gets excited about sampling different foods, a basket of edible and healthful gifts is an excellent choice.


Office gear

For professionals, consider gifts that can help them stay organized, like planners, calendars and other office necessities. If you’ve been with certain clients for a long time, consider gadgets and tech devices, like noise-canceling headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers.


Gift cards

Universal gift cards make excellent gifts. Write a personal message, attach the gift card and give it directly to your clients or send it through the mail. This gift shows your appreciation and gives your clients the freedom to buy whatever they’d like.

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Gift certificates

Gift certificates are another monetary way of showing your clients your appreciation. Consider gift certificates to movie theaters, restaurants or your own business. These make great welcome gifts to new clients and for clients who refer customers to your business.


Catered lunch

Treat your clients to a catered lunch or set up a client appreciation brunch on the weekend. This shows your gratitude and creates opportunities to get to know your clients better. Plus, hosting a personal event specifically for acknowledging your clients demonstrates your personal and company values.


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