How to Find Recruiters: Five Crucial Things to Look For

Having qualified employees is a vital part of running any business. One way to find the best candidates for your company is to hire a recruiter through a recruiting firm, staffing agency, freelance headhunter or direct employee. These professionals have access to a variety of talent and have the tools to find you a great fit for your open positions. Here is a guide to finding a great recruiter for your hiring needs.


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An overview of career recruiters

Career recruiters are people who reach out to candidates that match your job requirements and screen for the best applicants. While some companies will have recruiters in their human resources departments, others will hire a third-party headhunter or recruiting firm. Many companies use recruiters because they are able to dedicate a lot of time and have many tools to find the best talent for your company. Recruiters and headhunters often have relationships with professional organizations, other recruiters and past candidates who can help you find a great hire.


The main difference between headhunters and recruiters is their focus. Headhunters often specialize in certain industries or roles, such as IT, engineering or administrative support. They are usually called when a company is looking to fill a highly technical role or if they are trying to hire someone quickly. Recruiters are usually more involved in the hiring process, including interviewing candidates and working closely with the hiring manager to find the best people.


Recruiters can help you streamline your hiring process. When you work with a recruiter or agency for an extended period, they learn your company culture and priorities. They can also help you determine whether contract, part-time or full-time employees will be best for your business. Recruiters are trained to determine what positions you need filled, the experience and education requirements of similar roles and the type of people who would thrive in your company.


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How to find a business recruiter

 Here are four ways to find a recruiter:


  1. Ask your network. Talking to other business owners and executives in your industry can help you learn who they use. They can also give you ideas on what to ask and what to expect from recruiters.

  3. Look through recruiter directories. There are many that are free to use, though you may find that directories with subscription fees offer more features to help you decide.

  5. Search for online profiles. Many recruiters will have an online presence, which can give you an idea of their recruiting process, personality and contacts.

  7. Check professional organizations and industry groups. If you are looking for a recruiter or headhunter that specializes in a particular industry, professional and industry associations may offer referrals for them.

Things to look out for

Here are five warning signs that a recruiter or headhunter isn’t a good fit for you:


  1. They have consistent negative reviews. You might want to be cautious if many of the reviews and comments about the recruiter are similar types of problems. This will help you decide if the complaints are relevant to your search and if you should try a different person or firm.

  3. They can’t clearly explain their recruiting process. Most recruiters have a specific procedure for managing their recruits and will share it in writing. If they can’t describe the process, it might be difficult for you to determine if they can meet your goals.

  5. They emphasize speed or number of candidates, rather than the quality of applicants. Most companies hire recruiters to ease the burden of the hiring process. If the recruiter focuses on how many candidates they can offer rather than how talented they are, you might not find the employees you are looking for.

  7. They are difficult to contact. Recruiters should be available to answer your questions and adjust for any changes that might occur during the hiring process. You might want to be wary if they don’t provide you their cell phone number, promise a live representative during business hours or respond in a reasonable amount of time on nights and weekends.

  9. They don’t invest in your business. Recruiters should focus on finding the most qualified people for your company. If you feel like you are not being treated as a partner, you may want to consider finding another firm.

Recruiter FAQs

 Here are three commonly asked questions about recruiters:


Where do recruiters find candidates?

Recruiters find candidates through several sources. Many of them have a pool of talent that they can contact. They also recruit through searching social media and job searching platforms. Recruiters might also use referrals, job fairs and networking events to reach people they haven’t already connected with.


Which companies hire recruiters?

Many different companies hire recruiters. Some hire them so that they have someone to focus on the recruiting and hiring process. Others use them because they have a wide candidate pool and know what types of people are good for the roles you are filling. Businesses use headhunters if they are looking for someone who is very skilled in a specific industry or if they have a position that is difficult to fill.


How are recruiters paid?

Recruiters are usually paid on commission. They typically earn a percentage of the new hire’s first year of salary. The percentage depends on the terms of their contract with the business hiring them.


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