Marketing Your Services: A Manager’s Guide

Marketing a company’s service often presents more challenges than marketing products to consumers. You must maintain an effective and long-lasting relationship with customers even after they purchase from your company. Learn more about what it means to market a service, discover the difference between marketing a service and a product and review effective tips.


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What does marketing for service mean?

Marketing for service refers to promoting and selling something that isn’t a physical product. Instead, you’re selling an experience to businesses or consumers. Marketing for a service ranges from medical care to event venues to web design creation. 

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Difference between marketing a service and marketing a product

Marketing a product involves promoting a physical item that consumers or businesses use and can typically return if they don’t enjoy. Most companies that sell a product often only have to sell it to the customer, then they rely on that product to please and provide value to them. When marketing and selling a service, marketers often have to build specific strategies that help them identify the challenges their audience is facing and find ways to demonstrate how their service solves their problem. 

Rather than relying on the product to satisfy the customer, the company must follow through after their sale by providing an impressive service that accomplishes the customer’s goals and meets their needs. Since they’re not being sold a physical product, customers purchasing a service are unable to return it, resulting in time being lost, rather than their money being lost. 


Tips on how to effectively market a service

Marketing for a service often means finding ways to make your service stand out from competitors and establishing trust and strong relationships with customers. Follow these tips to help you effectively market your service: 


Offer incentives and special promotions 

A great way to help you stand out in your industry is to offer special promotions to attract new customers. This is especially effective if your business is starting out in a new community and is trying to tell others in the area about your services. Consider offering promotions to new customers on your opening week or providing incentives for local residents. 


Build lasting relationships 

Your team must make sure to regularly stay in touch with clients, even if they’ve purchased your service in the past and aren’t currently using it. You can send gift baskets or small treats on holidays wishing them well and professionally requesting they use your services again. 

For ongoing clients, keep in contact with them through regular marketing email campaigns and phone calls. Ask them for feedback on your services and for any suggestions to improve. Contacting clients a reasonable amount demonstrates how much you value their needs and shows that you remember them.


Get involved with your community 

Build a strong local clientele and make your business known in the community. Once you provide great services to the residents in your area, word will spread to people outside of it. This helps you build a wider range of clientele and attract more customers from different areas. Get involved in your community by volunteering with your team, sponsoring local events, joining the chamber of commerce or visiting other local businesses and establishing a relationship with them. 


Create materials that stand out from the competition 

Sit down with your team to determine specific qualities that make your business stand out from the rest. Create your unique value proposition, which demonstrates the services your business provides that solves your customer’s needs that other companies don’t offer. Demonstrate this unique value proposition in your marketing materials. This helps your service stand out to customers and makes them choose to work with and build a business relationship with you over other competitors.


Ask for referrals 

An effective way to build credibility in your industry is through word-of-mouth marketing from your customers. Many customers trust most of the positive reviews and referrals they receive from friends, family members or colleagues. After you provide an impressive service to your customers, ask them to refer you to someone who will also benefit from your service. Consider offering special discounts or other incentives to customers who refer you to others. 


Increase your credibility through content

Content marketing is a powerful way to educate your audience and establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry. Conduct research on your audience to learn what they’re searching for online and build content pieces centered on these topics. 

Using proper search engine optimization best practices, your content will appear high on search engine results, allowing more audience members to discover your company. Once they browse your website and read your content, they’ll learn how credible your business is, essentially establishing trust in your brand and causing them to want to learn more about your service.


Speak at industry events 

Another way to establish yourself as an industry leader is to speak at different industry events. Decide which subject matter you’re an expert on and present on it at various conferences, conventions or seminars. You’ll build awareness of your business and will have a chance to meet and network with attendees in your industry. 


Types of roles involved in marketing a service

There are several roles who serve on a marketing team and build materials to effectively market their service to potential clients. These roles include: 


Marketing manager 

A marketing manager oversees the entire promotional process of a product from start to finish. They build marketing strategies to support lead generation efforts and carefully research the audience they’re marketing to. After they construct this strategy, they’ll delegate tasks to their marketing team to implement. They’ll oversee these marketing campaigns to ensure their team is effectively promoting their marketing message and reaching a wide audience. 


Social media coordinator 

Social media coordinators make sure an organization maintains a strong online presence. They create targeted social media advertising campaigns that will help them attract more customers to their service. Many of them will write social media posts with visually appealing graphics that tell their brand’s story and entertain audiences. They’ll also interact with their followers and will answer any questions about their services through these social media outlets.


Digital marketing specialist

The digital marketing specialist develops digital marketing materials to appear on their websites and other marketing platforms. They often create, implement and track marketing campaigns throughout various channels to enhance their brand awareness, reach a wider audience and convert leads to customers. 

Most digital marketing specialists are also in charge of creating and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers through networking and prospecting. They’re responsible for analyzing campaign results and applying changes according to their target audience’s needs and preferences.

Successfully marketing for services involves conducting extensive research on your audience and building targeted strategies that appeal directly to them. It’s important to build effective strategies that tell your brand’s story and make you stand out from industry competitors.

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