National Intern Day: Ways for Your Business to Celebrate

Interns are temporary workers businesses hire to complete smaller, day-to-day tasks that help your business run smoothly. It’s important to celebrate National Intern Day each year to show your appreciation for the hard work interns contribute to your company. Learn more about National Intern Day and different ways to celebrate it with your team. 


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What is the definition of National Intern Day?

National Intern Day takes place on the final Thursday of July each year and is a holiday that workplaces celebrate to commemorate their interns. It was started in 2017 by the company WayUp as a way for employees and supervisors to show their appreciation for the valuable work interns complete during their time spent with the company. 

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Why is it important to celebrate interns?

Interns complete day-to-day tasks and clerical duties to give your other employees more time and energy to focus on higher-level work items. This results in enhanced productivity and efficiencies for your company. It’s important to celebrate your interns to express how grateful you are, so they’ll feel appreciated and continue submitting valuable work.

Celebrating interns also helps you build a positive image for your company by showing you care for all your employees. Candidates looking for potential internships may also be more interested in working for your company once they see how well you’ve treated past interns, which may lead to more driven and quality interns applying for your company. 


Ways to celebrate interns

Some ways to celebrate your interns on National Intern Day include: 


Buy them lunch 

Purchasing free food for your interns and the rest of your employees is a great way to show your appreciation and bring the office together. Have lunch or breakfast delivered to the office for everyone to enjoy. Another option is to take your interns out to lunch. 

Eat with just them or invite their entire team out as well if they’ve been working directly with a specific department. For instance, if you have a marketing intern, you could take the entire marketing team out to lunch. You could also take them out to lunch with leadership or their direct managers to praise them for their work performance and answer any career or industry-related questions they may have. 


Throw them a party

Bring in cookies, sundaes, a cake or other treats. Give your employees a break from work and encourage them to eat and mingle with each other. This boosts company culture and gives the other employees a chance to get to know the interns better if they don’t regularly work directly together. Provide them gift bags containing items like office decor, company-branded merchandise and a thank-you card signed by employees.

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Offer them career advancement opportunities

Since interns are usually interested in learning more about what it’d be like to pursue a career in their field or industry, use National Intern Day to offer advice or career advancement opportunities. Host a resume writing workshop where you and other leadership members help them build a resume or review their current one. Advise them on what hiring managers look for in resumes, including skills, experience and certifications. Teach proper interview etiquette as well during the workshop. 

Offer free mentorship opportunities, which allows interns to meet with a senior member of your team to learn more about their role. Have the intern shadow the senior team member for a day and invite them to ask any questions they may have about the role, company or industry. It’s a great way for them to gain more knowledge about the field and to develop new skills to apply to future roles.

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Take them to offsite activities 

Have fun with your interns by taking them to an entertainment venue for the day or for an afternoon. Bring just the interns or invite the whole team and close the office for a portion of the day. Give the interns an opportunity to bond more with employees by taking them to a team-building retreat with workshops. 

Another option is to engage in fun offsite activities like going bowling, playing laser-tag, seeing a movie or singing karaoke. Your interns will enjoy getting to spend time with you and other employees. They’ll also feel more appreciated that you’re getting to know them outside of the office.

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