26 Best Office Gifts (for New and Current Employees)

Giving presents to your employees is a great way to boost morale in the office and show your team how much you value their service at your company. The longer you work with an employee, the more you can get to know their unique tastes to select personalized gifts that they will love. Giving gifts to new employees can be more challenging, but there are plenty of gift ideas that you can use for both new and long-time employees.


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Benefits of giving presents to your employees

Giving small gifts to your employees can have a big impact on your company culture. Some of the benefits include:

  • Getting to know your team: In the process of buying gifts for your employees, you’ll learn more about their likes and dislikes. This is especially helpful when onboarding new employees and welcoming them to your company.
  • Creating a culture of appreciation: Employees who feel appreciated may be more likely to stay at your company because they have physical evidence that their employer values their work.
  • Recognizing excellence: If an employee is facing a challenging situation or performs especially well on a project, a well-timed gift can recognize their hard work and encourage them to keep going.

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26 thoughtful office gifts to give employees

Here are some of the best gifts you can give to both new employees and long-term staff members:


Potted plants

Potted plants are a popular office decoration, bringing a bit of greenery and color into a plain office space. When buying potted plants for your employees, choose an indoor plant with simple care instructions so that it doesn’t wilt or die over the weekend. Small succulents and air plants are both popular types of plants to give as gifts in the office.


Fresh cut flowers

Fresh bouquets of flowers are another excellent gift to show appreciation for an employee and help them decorate their desk. While cut flowers eventually wither, you can present them in a beautiful vase that the employee can keep and refill.


Branded swag

T-shirts, keychains, hats and other swag with the company logo help welcome new employees to the team. When giving out company swag as gifts, make sure you select high-quality items that your employees will actually use. Flimsy drawstring bags, plain paperweights, cheap koozies and toothbrushes may go straight into the trash. Instead, consider ordering some of these popular items with your company logo:

  • Hoodies
  • Knit caps
  • Water bottles
  • Phone wallets
  • Yoga mats

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Gourmet sweets

Satisfy your employee’s sweet tooth with gourmet candies or baked goods that they can enjoy at their desk. There are plenty of dessert-based gift baskets available for purchase, so you can treat your employees with custom cupcakes, biscotti, gummy bears, truffles and other confections.


Restaurant gift cards

Find out your employees’ favorite local restaurant and give them a gift card that they can use to get a nice lunch or dinner. If you’re not sure what type of cuisine your employees enjoy, you can always opt for a standard Visa gift card that they can use anywhere.


Leather cases

Leather goods are luxury items that employees may not be able to justify purchasing for themselves. Gift your team a high-quality leather briefcase, folio or pocketbook that they can use to keep their work organized and stylish.



Cute patterned or fuzzy socks can help your employees keep their feet comfy and warm during long days at the office. You can find socks with everything from binary code to the Mona Lisa on them, so you have plenty of options to personalize gifts to each employee’s tastes.



If your employees travel for their job, consider gifting them with a sturdy backpack or a nice set of luggage that they can use on their business trips. Include personalized luggage tags or a plush neck pillow as an extra item that they can enjoy when on the road.


Coffee and tea

A selection of quality teas or coffees is a gift that any employee can appreciate and use every day. Choose herbal tea if you have an employee who doesn’t like caffeine, and for the office coffee addict consider getting them a gourmet coffee subscription box.



Beautiful stationery that your employees can use to take notes and send letters is one of the most timeless office gifts that anyone can use. You can order memo pads customized with their name and title, label stickers, stamps, contact cards or a set of attractive note cards with matching envelopes.


Engraved pens

High-quality engraved fountain pens are a classy way to give a personalized gift even if you don’t know the recipient well. Generic pens tend to circulate around in the office or get lost, so giving them a nice engraved pen with some weight to it will make it easy for them to keep over the years.


Art classes

Give your employees the gift of a cool experience by giving them a voucher to an art class or paint-and-sip experience. This gift also makes a great team-building experience if your employees choose to go together.


Wine and beer

Wine and beer gift baskets paired with a nice set of wine glasses or a frosted mug is the perfect gift for your employees who frequent your office happy hours.


Olive oil

Create a gift basket with a set of fancy olive oils and balsamic vinegars for employees who don’t drink or don’t have a sweet tooth. Flavored olive oils are a great savory alternative to other food gift baskets that will also keep for a long time.


Spa items

Bath bombs, lotions, shower steamers and other spa items can help your employees pamper themselves and feel rejuvenated at work. Spa gift baskets or gift certificates to a spa give any employee an opportunity to take care of their physical and emotional wellness.


Mugs and tumblers

Staying hydrated is essential for long days at the office, so mugs and tumblers are a great gift for any office. Choose between mugs with fun phrases, handmade pottery by local artisans or insulated thermoses with hot and cold temperature control.


Headphones and speakers

Employees who are more productive when listening to movies and podcasts will love noise-canceling headphones and personal speakers that they can keep at their desks.


Reusable bags

Tote bags are a great gift for eco-friendly employees. Consider filling the tote bag with treats and office supplies so that employees can enjoy its contents then use the bag to store and transport their things afterward.



Candles, diffusers, incense and aromatherapy oils in your employee’s favorite scent are the ideal gift for employees who have their own office space. If your employees work closely together in a shared space, make sure that no one has allergies or sensitivities to fragrances before giving anyone an aromatherapy gift.


Picture frames

If you have a memorable photo of your staff, have it printed and displayed in a nice picture frame as a sentimental gift for your team. 



Giving your employees a copy of a book that personally impacted you is a thoughtful and personal gift that also helps them get to know you. Poetry, motivational novels and industry-specific books can be a great work-appropriate addition to your employee’s library.


Pet portraits

People love their pets, and there are tons of different companies and artists that will immortalize them with a custom portrait. Get a photo of your employee’s four-legged friends for a unique gift that they will proudly display.


Desk toys

Small desk toys can help employees relieve stress or take a quick break and re-focus during a long day. Magnetic sculptures, stress balls, fidget toys, 3-D puzzles and miniature zen gardens are all popular desk toys that you can give employees to add a bit of fun and personality to their desk.



If you have a large gift budget, consider getting your employees a nice piece of technology like a smartwatch or a tablet. They can use their smartwatch to stay more connected and organized in the workplace. Many smartwatches also have features that can help employees monitor their health and habits, giving them the chance to improve their wellness at work and at home.



If you have employees who are passionate about a social cause, consider donating to a charity or organization in their honor. Accompany the donation with a note telling the employee that a donation has been made on their behalf with some details about the projects that the charity is currently working on. A charitable donation to a cause your employees care about shows them that you respect their values and help them feel good about making a difference.


Hand-written cards

One of the best gifts you can give to your employees is a thoughtful handwritten card that acknowledges what you appreciate about them. Thoughtful notes on handmade paper or nice cards can be a memento that your employees look at to cheer themselves up during challenging times. Adding a handwritten note to another gift is an even better way to show appreciation.

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