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Projects from Indeed Resume: Break up with spreadsheets for a more efficient talent search

When you can stay organized, you spend less time coordinating and more time nurturing relationships with candidates.


This month, Indeed Resume introduced our newest feature to paying subscribers, Projects – a single workspace to organize your pipeline and work more effectively.

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The basics: What you can do with Projects

For more tips on getting started, read here.


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Add a candidate from Search:

Projects is also embedded in our core search experience. Conduct a search and click the add to the candidate button on any results card. You can even create a new project while you’re still on the results page.


Send a contact from a project:

Once you’ve added your ideal candidate to a project, you can review profiles and start your outreach. No separate window or popup, personalize and send a contact immediately after reviewing a profile.


Track candidate interest:

Keep track of all your outreach activity within the context of your hiring project- no more worrying about who contacted, for which role and/or client, have they responded, or are they interested?


Send interested candidates to your ATS:

Chrome users can use our new extension, ZapInfo, to automate outreach and send interested candidates to ATS’ in 1-click. ZapInfo is connected with some of the most popular ATS’ and CRMs on the market— letting you get more hiring done, with fewer tools.


Read here for more info on using ZapInfo with Resume or any other Indeed hiring product.


Choose any way to organize your projects

Learn more about how Projects works.


Projects let’s you approach organizing your talent search in whichever way works for you.


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Here are a few ways we recommend you organize your projects:


By location

Let’s say you’re opening a new office location. Maybe you’re supporting a hospital expansion. You could even be consistently staffing numerous branches across the country. Location is an effective way to stay focused on an essential factor that can impact your pipeline.


By role

Top talent can move in 10 days. If you fill highly competitive roles, you must stay organized and provide the best candidate experience possible. Creating projects grouped by position can go a long way to help you keep things moving smoothly.


By hiring manager

Usually, the hiring manager is the number one stakeholder in any hiring process. They’re almost always the ones to catalyze the talent search. Organizing your projects based on managers you work with most, could help everyone avoid process headaches.


By client

Whether you run a full desk or support one, it’s crucial to keep your client happy. Nothing tells a client “I’ve got this” like being on top of things. Label your projects by the accounts or clients you manage and easily keep an eye on where all of your pipelines stand.


Now you’re on your way to a more organized and effective talent search. Let us know how we can help.


New to Indeed Resume? Try a search for free today! When you’re ready, purchase a subscription to start using Projects


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