3 Types of Team Management Apps

It’s important for employees to have a central location to view and sort their upcoming tasks and collaborate with other team members. They can do this through team management apps, which also allow managers to assign tasks and monitor the productivity of each project. Learn more about what a team management app is, benefits and common features. 


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What are team management apps?

A team management app is software employees use to more efficiently collaborate and communicate with other team members. Strong team management apps usually have a calendar, to-do list, comment section and project tracking function. These features help managers oversee their team’s progress, allow employees to effectively collaborate and let employees easily reach out to managers for assistance on certain tasks. 

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Benefits of using a team management app

Common benefits of using team management apps include: 

  • Encourages collaboration among employees: If employees are all working in one centralized location, it’s easier for them to share their ideas and quickly receive input from others on a project. For example, an employee may post ideas for a budget proposal and the team may share their own ideas to strengthen the proposal. 
  • Streamlines work and tasks: Instead of employees making their own to-do lists on separate platforms or documents, they can add all upcoming tasks to the app and then automatically notify you, the manager, that they’ve been completed.
  • Prioritizes tasks more easily: Having tasks right in front of them makes it easier for employees to better understand which item to work on next. It helps them more effectively meet deadlines and manage their time. 

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Common team management app features

There are several team management apps with features catered toward your business and employees’ needs. Common features of team management apps include: 

  • Scheduling and shared calendars: This feature helps managers remain transparent with employees by letting them know when they’re available to answer any work-related questions or concerns. Shared calendars also help managers schedule meetings or other events with employees in advance. Knowing when certain employees have meetings or events scheduled also helps managers better analyze productivity levels. 
  • Messaging and communication tools: Some apps have chat tools where you can message employees separately or share team announcements with an entire department. Team management apps also make it simple for employees to comment on certain projects to collaborate and provide feedback. Employees can also share files and documents with each other.
  • Organizing tasks and deadline management: Many team management apps allow employees to input upcoming tasks and deadlines into their to-do lists. Employees move tasks and deadlines around in case they’re assigned higher-priority items.  


Types of team management apps 

Common types of team management for you try include: 



This app helps you easily set goals and assign tasks to your employees. As a manager, you’re able to set deadlines and track your employees’ progress on certain tasks to ensure each project remains on track. You can also download reports to analyze how well your employees performed and what improvements to make. One drawback is Asana offers several features that may be confusing or difficult for employees to understand. 

Pricing per month

  • Basic: $0/user
  • Premium: $10.99/user
  • Business: $24.99/user



If collaboration is important to you and your team, this app is a good option for you. It organizes conversations with certain team members into specific channels. Create channels for employees to work together on certain group projects or just start channels for employees to talk about fun non-work related topics. Share document attachments and hold video chats with teammates as well. Since it stores so much data in its system, the search function doesn’t always help you find specific documents you’re looking for.

Pricing per month

  • Basic: $0/user
  • Premium: $6.67/user
  • Business: $12.50/user



This app is timeline-based, so it allows employees to sort their to-do items and report how long it takes them to complete each assignment. Easily review employees’ task progress to better estimate how long it’ll take them to finish certain assignments so you can refrain from overloading your employees when assigning tasks and setting deadlines. Though it’s great at tracking time, this app doesn’t connect with your invoicing systems, so you have to manually enter your times into a new system.

Pricing per month

  • Basic: $0/user
  • Premium: $8/user
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