EF English First

"ITA | Apply allows us to explore potential candidates outside the regular talent pool without risking increased cost per applicants."

Jason Zhang, Marketing Executive, Teacher Recruitment and Training EF English First
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EF English First uses Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to reach a hard-to-define audience.

EF English First is a division of EF, the world’s leading privately-owned education company. Aiming to make over 2,000 hires in 2019, the company is looking for enthusiastic applicants, each with a college degree, no criminal history, and a willingness to relocate for at least one year. 

Many of the people EF English First would like to hire have never considered working abroad to be a real possibility. But, according to English First Marketing Executive Jason Zhang, doing so is “actually much easier than people realize, and with EF it’s simple and safe.”

To make the hires they need, EF needs to get their message in front of the right audience and to ensure potential candidates have all the information they need to move forward. EF English First welcomes anyone with a Bachelor’s degree to apply, and previous teaching experience is not required for the role. The company had some success with advertising based on search results but found their ideal solution in Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply.

ITA | Apply gives companies like EF English First the opportunity to recruit on a large scale, targeting a wide audience based on a job seeker profile rather than a few  specific keywords or job titles. This is important for EF, as the job they’re hiring for appeals to a wide range of people for any number of reasons. With Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply, they’re getting highly interested, quality candidates.

"Indeed Targeted Ads’ pay-per-applicant model really helps us focus 100% on candidate quality."

Jason Zhang, Marketing Executive, Teacher Recruitment and Training
EF English First

Among the metrics EF English First uses to measure the quality and success of their applicants is their interviews booked rate. With ITA | Apply, that conversion rate has steadily improved over the past two years. Working closely with their Indeed account team, the company has seen an increase in applicants and a decrease in their cost per hire. By using ITA | Apply, they now have a much better sense of the profile for their target audience.

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