G4S North America

"Indeed does a really good job of getting in front of [veteran] job seekers at the right time."

Carlos Vega, Director of Recruitment Technology G4S North America
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Quick synopsis

G4S has an ambitious veteran hiring strategy, so their recruitment team heavily relies on Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to showcase their jobs to quality job seekers with military experience and encourage them to apply.

The overview

G4S is a leading global integrated security company specializing in the delivery of security and related services to customers across six continents. Veterans make up 25% of the employee population at G4S, and they hire for over 30K positions each year. About 25% of the positions for which they hire are “military-preferred” roles, which means candidates with military experience tend to be the most qualified for the position. One of the recruitment team’s key challenges is adding new candidates with military experience to the pipeline while juggling their other hiring demands.

To meet their lofty goals, G4S must consistently maintain a healthy talent pipeline. In 2017, when discussing their specific needs with their Indeed account manager, they decided that Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply would be a great way to target and attract job seekers with military experience to keep up with the demand.

"My account manager indicated that Indeed had specific targeting for military. I said, ‘Let’s switch to that tomorrow.’"

Carlos Vega, Director of Recruitment Technology
G4S North America

Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply has provided G4S the tools to target job seekers based on location, experience and search activity by serving up visually appealing ad units on both desktop and mobile devices. What’s more is that Indeed only charges companies once they receive a completed application, so they can meet their goals while maximizing their ROI.

The results

For all military-preferred positions, G4S received 12,500 applications in just 45 days of running their Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply campaign. Using their screening tools, they determined that 30% of all applicants passed G4S’s screening qualifications. G4S ended up closing 400 hires. What’s more is that the average time-to-hire for their military-preferred positions is 14 days. Overall, 35% of G4S’s hires come from Indeed, out of 7 main recruitment sources. Moving forward, the G4S recruitment team will continue to use Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to fill their talent pool with quality veterans so they can meet and exceed their veteran hiring goals.

With regards to their veteran hiring efforts, Indeed helped G4S achieve:

  • 12,500 applications from veterans
  • 400 hires with military experience
  • 14 days average time-to-hire for veteran hires