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“Sponsoring jobs on Indeed delivered.”

Rich Skelnik, Director, Talent Acquisition General Dynamics
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A defense industry leader uses Indeed to find qualified systems and software engineers with an active security clearance.


At General Dynamics C4 Systems (GDC4S), the mission is constant innovation in secure communication, information and technology solutions. This defense contractor's systems facilitate the immediate delivery of decision-quality information to U.S. Armed Forces on land, at sea and in the air. Competition is intense for the talent GDC4S needs – qualified systems and software engineers with an active secret or top-secret security clearance. Sponsoring jobs on Indeed was a creative, new way for GDC4S to recruit these hard-to-find candidates.

“We hired five engineers in the first three months through Indeed.”

Rich Skelnik, Director, Talent Acquisition
General Dynamics


GDC4S sponsored all its jobs on Indeed, including many hard-to-fill engineering positions, enabling the client to attract thousands of qualified job seekers from across the country. Applicants to the company's jobs from Indeed are highly targeted because the jobs are only displayed in Indeed's search results when they closely match job seekers' searches. All applicants from Indeed are sent directly to jobs on GDC4S's career website to apply and are tracked automatically through ResumeWare, the company's applicant tracking system (ATS). This automated candidate source tracking ensures that the company can measure applications – and subsequent hires – that originated from Indeed.

"It's not easy to find the secret and top-secret systems and software engineers we need, so we're always researching new ways to find them," said Rich Skelnik, Director of Talent Acquisition at GDC4S. "Originally, I wasn't interested in pay per click recruitment advertising, but I became educated about the model and it's been great so far."


With the combined metrics from Indeed and the client's ATS, GDC4S has been able to easily measure its return on investment from sponsored jobs on Indeed. For the client's initial trial of Indeed sponsored jobs, GDC4S received the following results:

  • More than 10,000 sponsored clicks
  • Approximately 600 applications
  • Five hires matching the target profile

"We hired five engineers in the first three months through Indeed," Skelnik said. "We were trying to hire for specific, hard-to-fill positions, and sponsoring jobs on Indeed delivered."

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