Hobby Lobby

"With Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply we hired the right people in half the time."

Marlin Gayfield, Assistant Director of Management Recruiting Hobby Lobby
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Hobby Lobby reduces costs by 50% with Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply.

Hobby Lobby is the largest privately-owned arts-and-crafts retailer in the world, with over 800 stores, and 32,000 employees in 47 states. To open 50+ new locations in 2019, this Indeed Top-Rated Workplace will need to hire an estimated 120 store managers, along with 2,500 sales associates. That’s big news. Indeed accounts for one third of all the company’s hires.

With the shrinking job pool that accompanies historic unemployment lows in the US, Hobby Lobby needs to appeal to candidates looking for opportunities to grow. They’re challenged with creating brand awareness in new markets and in educating potential candidates on their company, their culture, and the benefits of working for Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby used Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to find experienced store managers. The ability to target candidates with relevant retail experience made it an ideal solution for their needs. They also promote their brand and culture through their Indeed company page, which boasts over 2,800 reviews.

"With Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply, our ads are placed in direct sight of the job seekers who meet the qualifications for this role."

Marlin Gayfield, Assistant Director of Management Recruiting
Hobby Lobby

After 4 months, Hobby Lobby received more relevant applicants for their store manager roles. This reduced the number of candidates they had to interview and decreased their cost-per-hire by 50%.

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