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"Our cost per hire with Indeed is 75% less than the next closest external source."

Dan Hoffman, Manager of Recruiting Hub International
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One of the world’s largest insurance brokerages began sponsoring jobs on Indeed and saw an immediate increase in applications. Indeed is now its top source of external hires.

Finding quality candidates for customer-focused roles

Hub International is a network of insurance brokerages that were once privately owned. Today, it ranks as the 10th largest insurance brokerage in the world. The company is organized into regional hubs with more than 340 satellite offices with over 6700 employees operating in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Puerto Rico, all operating from an agile and entrepreneurial model. The firm’s global positioning is based on a strong commitment to individual communities, providing tailored solutions to each market it serves. In recruiting, Hub pays particular attention to filling field positions in smaller rural markets, specialized IT and insurance industry roles.

Increasing employer brand visibility and job rankings

Hub International began sponsoring jobs with Indeed because of appeals from its representatives in the field. “My primary role was to support our team in the field and listen to their needs,” said Dan Hoffman, Manager of Recruiting. “They said they were getting a lot of candidates from Indeed and wanted to try sponsoring jobs.”

“We started out with a small campaign for three months and immediately saw a significant uptick in candidate flow,” Hoffman said. After reviewing the success of the three month campaign, Hub decided to dedicate additional spend to sponsoring jobs on Indeed. “It was a product that our field liked and we made it happen because the ROI was there,” Hoffman added.

Hub later became a Featured Employer on Indeed. Featured Employers receive prominent placement next to search results including a company logo, reviews and relevant open positions. As a Featured Employer, Hub’s brand is the only one that appears on a search results page. This placement differentiates Hub’s employment brand and increases visibility for jobs with the ideal, target audience.

Now, Hub uses Indeed to match candidates with highly specialized roles in the US and Canada, some in rural areas. “We use Indeed because we know it has increased our candidate flow to those jobs that do not see a significant amount of traffic,” Hoffman said.

"We have only increased our budget over the past year. It was a product our field liked, and we made it happen because the ROI was so clear."

Dan Hoffman, Manager of Recruiting
Hub International

More successful hires than any other source

Indeed was the number one source of external hires for Hub International, providing nearly half of all applicants the client received – four times more applicants than the next closest external source. Overall, Hub hired one and a half times more candidates from Indeed than from the next closest external source.

Indeed delivered those results at a fraction of the cost of other sources. “Our cost per hire with Indeed is 75% less than the next closest external source,” Hoffman said.

Because Indeed could integrate with Hub’s applicant tracking system, the client was able to track metrics and understand the performance of his campaign. “The direct feed from our ATS showed us the ROI we needed to understand that Indeed was working for us, and it showed us exactly how great those results were,” Hoffman said.

Managing the campaign to achieve that high success relied on a close relationship between Hub and Indeed. “Part of the reason we like Indeed is that as their company has grown, we’ve been able to keep our same contacts – the people who sold us the product still manage the account and they understand our needs very well,” Hoffman said.

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