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“With Indeed we can reach the job seekers we need for roles right across the UK.”

Sharad Kanwar, Resource Officer McDonald’s UK
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Indeed helps the world’s largest family restaurant business to recruit high quality candidates for its hard-to-fill positions in the UK.


McDonald's is the largest family restaurant business in the world, serving 70 million customers in over 100 countries every day. It employs 97,000 people in 1,230 restaurants across the UK, and while there is strong demand for part-time roles, finding quality candidates for management positions in some locations is a challenge.

“750,000 people apply each year for jobs at McDonald’s, but even with a high number of applicants, finding the right people can be difficult,” said Sharad Kanwar, Resourcing Officer. McDonald’s wanted a recruitment source that would supply the most relevant candidates to its jobs.

“Sponsoring jobs kept our roles in a prominent position on the page so that they could be easily found by relevant candidates.”

Sharad Kanwar, Resource Officer
McDonald's UK

Increased quality and volume for hard-to-fill roles

When evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment sources, McDonald’s focuses on cost per hire and conversion rate. “We wanted to increase candidate quality and volume, and Indeed helped us do that at a lower cost than any other external source,” Kanwar said. “Sponsoring jobs kept our roles in a prominent position on the page so that they could be easily found by relevant candidates.”

McDonald’s sponsored jobs on Indeed to attract candidates for its Trainee Manager and Customer Care Assistant roles. “With Indeed we can reach the job seekers we need for roles across the UK,” Kanwar explained. “These are positions that require a specific skill set, and we had a steady flow of candidates who matched the description.”

Increased quality and volume

Sponsoring jobs on Indeed increased traffic to those roles by 2,660%, and Indeed is among the leading sources of hire for McDonald’s.

In certain locations, McDonald’s had particular difficulty finding the right candidates. “Sponsored Jobs helped us increase the number and the quality of candidates in locations that have proved difficult in the past,” Kanwar said. For a new store opening in Amesbury earlier in 2014, Indeed helped McDonald’s meet its hiring goals.

The Indeed Client Services team worked closely with McDonald’s to identify which jobs would benefit from increased visibility and to set the appropriate budget for these jobs. “The campaign management is very user friendly,” Kanwar explained. “We can easily select the level at which we want to spend on each job, and track the progress as the campaign continues. The Indeed team is always on hand to address any questions, and to help us make changes to our settings if necessary. They’re great to work with — customer focused, friendly and results-driven.”

“Initially we were surprised by the great results Indeed delivered, but now we’ve come to expect them,” Kanwar said.

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