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“Indeed has changed the way my company connects with top talent.”

Thomas Gilbert, President Thomas E. Gilbert Inc.
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This boutique executive placement and recruitment firm uses Indeed to source candidates for senior-level and management positions in Canada and the United States.

Based in Aurora, ON, Thomas E. Gilbert Inc. specialises in executive search and placement, helping companies source high-level candidates for senior and management roles. « I’ve been in the recruiting business for over 20 years, and when I started this organisation, the goal was to be a boutique firm to help people find executive talent,” explained Thomas Gilbert, President.

Flexibility to find the right fit

« I don’t recommend job boards,” Gilbert said. « They’re too expensive and don’t give you any flexibility.” Gilbert was looking for ways to grow his business and expand the pool of talent he was recruiting from. « I was open-minded, and I wanted to see what was out there. As I learned more about Indeed, I saw how we would be able to adjust our campaigns to get the right candidates in the door.”

Gilbert began sponsoring jobs on Indeed, using the pay-per-click model to determine the right budget for each role and find great candidates to recommend to his clients. « I was immediately able to recommend three prospects for one job, all at a fraction of the cost I would pay via other sources,” he said.

Gilbert has used Indeed to find candidates for Senior Manager roles, Telecom Sales roles and other technical, management-level roles.

Sourcing talent quickly, and cost-effectively

« Because there’s no up-front fee for putting my jobs on Indeed, I know I can take the time to find the right person for a job without eating up the budget,” Gilbert explained. « There are six people in my office, so everyone’s time is very valuable. Even looking at a bad resume has a cost. Because we’re attuned to our Indeed campaigns, and able to adjust what we’re spending, I know everyone’s efforts are yielding a cost-effective result.”

Gilbert was even able to hire another recruiter on Indeed, expanding his small team to better meet the needs of his clients. « I’m growing my business with Indeed, which gives me confidence that I can help my clients do the same,” he said. « We’ve had great results and it’s become an integral part of how we work.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to post a VP or C-level role, because you can refine and sharpen to reach relevant candidates in the most affordable way. Indeed performs so much better than Monster and others.”

Thomas Gilbert, President
Thomas E. Gilbert Inc.

Engaging quality candidates, wherever they are

« We still use other methods of sourcing, like cold calling and emailing, for example. Indeed is a final check we can do to make sure we’re reaching great candidates when they’re receptive,” Gilbert said. « I wouldn’t hesitate to post a VP or C-level role, because you can refine and sharpen to reach relevant candidates in the most affordable way. Indeed performs so much better than Monster and others. As soon as I post a job, I’m getting traction with great candidates right out of the gate. It streamlines the whole process.”

For Gilbert and his team, Indeed has amplified their ability to reach these candidates. « Our direct sourcing methods still work for us. In bypassing big job boards and relying on Indeed, we know we can source some candidates on the phone and add others via Indeed,” he said. « That’s an exponential increase in my ability to help my clients hire the right person.”

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