All your hiring needs in one easy-to-use dashboard

Replace scattered spreadsheets, notes and emails with a user-friendly dashboard that lets you track your hiring and connect directly with candidates.

Post a job

An employer dashboard that helps you through every step of the process

Interview candidates
directly on Indeed

From the Candidates tab on your Employer Dashboard, select a candidate you’d like to interview. Propose dates and times that work best for you and send the candidate an invitation directly from your Employer Dashboard. When the candidate accepts, you will be able to access the interview with a direct link, also available through the Candidates tab. No downloads or apps needed.

Gif of the Set Up Interview process, with options for video, phone, and in-person interview types.

Some common questions

How do I set up a virtual interview on Indeed?

We make virtual interviewing as easy as scheduling times that work for you and clicking a link to connect with your candidate by video. Your Indeed dashboard has everything you need, without complicated settings. It’s free to use and doesn’t require any new apps or downloads.

Our virtual interview experience is the default when you schedule an interview on Indeed. Once a time is confirmed, both you and your candidate will receive an invitation email that includes a link. Just click that link at the scheduled time to initiate your interview.

What's the difference between my list of "Matched candidates" and "Applicants"?

When you pay to post, you unlock Instant Match, which gives you instant access to resumes on Indeed that match your job description and lets you invite candidates to apply.

Matched candidates” appear right when you post your job, and you can access them at any time from your employer dashboard.

Applicants” are job seekers who saw your job on Indeed and applied, or accepted your invite to apply.

What applicant filters are available?

You can filter by interest, by candidates whose applications are expiring, by location, and by assessments or qualification questions you’ve selected for the role.