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Taking the right steps when hiring can come with big payoffs. That’s why we’ve created a free guide to help you attract, recruit and hire the right people for every role, right away. Get your free eBook download below and learn how to:

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The help you need to attract, recruit and hire the right talent is here in a free eBook download from Indeed. Get to know the tips and tools that make finding the most relevant candidates to your job postings a less time-consuming, more stress-free process.

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Your ideal hiring process

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    Save time on every step of the hiring process

    Indeed is more than a job board—it’s a matching and hiring platform. We now offer matched candidates and a host of other tools that can help you hire great candidates, faster.

  2. Get matched with relevant candidates

    Use matched candidates and receive a list of candidates whose resumes on Indeed fit your job criteria immediately after you pay to post.

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    Invite top talent to apply

    Decide which matched candidates you want to connect with, and invite them to apply to your job. Candidates you invite to apply through matched candidates are 3X more likely to apply to your job than those who only see it in search.Indeed data, US.

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    Get to the hire faster

    Narrow in on the strongest applicants using our screening and assessment tools at no extra cost. Then forward, schedule and host interviews all within Indeed’s ATS-style dashboard.

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Indeed has allowed us to significantly lower our talent acquisition costs, cut time out of our talent acquisition process, and yet still get the top talent that we need to drive our company."

Gregory K.