How to Hire in San Diego: San Diego, CA Hiring Trends for 2022

Posting a help wanted ad is among the most effective ways of hiring in San Diego. San Diego boasts a massive pool of potential high-quality employees thanks to the city’s diverse population and top-tier educational institutions.

Before you post a help wanted San Diego ad, you need to take time to understand the city’s job seekers. Doing so enables you to create an effective San Diego help wanted ad that attracts candidates who fit the profile of the employee you want. Read on to find out what positions job seekers in San Diego are looking for, which employers are competing with you for the same talent and which institutions produce the best employees.

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Below are Indeed’s insights* to help you create your next help wanted ad in San Diego:

*Indeed data (US) – April 2021
As of April 2021, jobs in San Diego are moderately competitive compared to other job markets.

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Competing for talent in San Diego


Job seekers that clicked San Diego job postings


Jobs that received clicks by job seekers


Average number of job seekers per job

Who else is hiring in San Diego?

Below are the most popular employers in the San Diego metro area based on job clicks in December 2020 on

Here are the top employers by clicks:

  1. UC San Diego 1.9%
  2. Scripps Health 1.32%
  3. Sharp HealthCare 1.29%
  4. U.S. Department of the Navy 1.1%
  5. County of San Diego 0.94%
  6. Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego 0.64%
  7. Dexcom 0.44%
  8. City of San Diego, CA 0.44%
  9. San Diego State University 0.44%
  10. Aerotek 0.43%

San Diego is home to several notable companies that benefit from the city’s vibrant workforce. By hiring in San Diego, some of these companies have grown to become regional and global industry leaders due to the expertise and dedication of the workforce in San Diego. For example, Qualcomm is a leading global designer and manufacturer of electronic device components such as the processors used in flagship smartphones from Samsung and OnePlus.

Job seeker search activity in San Diego

There are 526K resumes from job seekers available in San Diego on Indeed that you can source talent for your open positions from. Learn more about what to look for in a resume.

There are 839K job seekers who have clicked on jobs leading to 12 job seekers per job on average.

Here are the top search terms job seekers click on:

  1. Hiring Immediately 0.73%
  2. Administrative Assistant 0.67%
  3. Medical Assistant 0.49%
  4. Receptionist 0.47%
  5. Customer Service 0.45%
  6. Remote work from home 0.44%
  7. RN 0.41%
  8. Human Resources 0.41%
  9. Registered Nurse 0.38%
  10. Warehouse 0.37%

In April 2021, “hiring immediately” was the most searched term by job seekers. This comes as no surprise as many San Diego residents, unfortunately, lost their jobs in the past year due to the containment measures put in place to protect public health. The search terms Administrative Assistant and Medical Assistant came second and third, respectively.

San Diego salaries

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary in San Diego, CA, ranges from approximately $13.12 per hour for a Student Worker to $62.04 per hour for a Senior Civil Engineer. According to Payscale, San Diego’s cost of living is 44% higher than the U.S. average.

Before posting your job, visit Indeed Salaries to check how you compare to reported salaries from other employers and job seekers.

Where are the candidates for San Diego jobs?

Even though most of the job seekers in San Diego report the city as their location, consider expanding your search to include nearby areas such as Chula Vista and El Cajon. Casting a wider net gives you access to a larger pool of candidates for the position you want to fill.

Below are the top 10 listed locations for resumes in the San Diego area:

  1. San Diego, CA 64.45%
  2. Chula Vista, CA 9.39%
  3. El Cajon, CA 5.67%
  4. La Mesa, CA 2.53%
  5. Spring Valley, CA 2.31%
  6. National City, CA 2.1%
  7. Santee, CA 1.75%
  8. Encinitas, CA 1.36%
  9. La Jolla, CA 1.3%
  10. Lakeside, CA 1.29%

Indeed requires location information for job postings and is one of the first pieces of information that is needed to list a job.

Need to post your job in multiple locations? Click here to learn more. Please note our location policies and only post jobs to locations where an opportunity is currently available.

Recruit from San Diego universities, colleges and trade schools

Consider hiring from learning institutions such as colleges, universities, and trade schools in San Diego. Doing so enables your business to save on the cost of salaries and have a workforce that navigates new technology with relative ease. Moreover, graduate employees you nurture in your organization can become some of the most productive and loyal employees, as long as you take good care of them.

San Diego colleges and universities

Several top-tier colleges and universities are located in San Diego. The talent that these learning institutions cultivate is as diverse as the city’s culture. Here are some learning institutions in San Diego from which you should consider sourcing fresh talent to develop in your company.

  • California State University
  • California Western School of Law
  • San Diego Christian College
  • National University
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • San Diego State University

San Diego trade schools

In addition to colleges, here are trade schools that produce dedicated employees in San Diego.

  • San Diego Miramar College
  • San Diego City College
  • Concorde Career College
  • Career College of San Diego

Hiring and other resources for San Diego businesses

City of San Diego: The city’s official website outlines several programs and incentives to help businesses in San Diego launch and grow. Visit the City of San Diego.

County of San Diego: San Diego’s county government has a business sector website for employers and businesses. The site provides resources that support business operations, including hiring in San Diego. Visit the San Diego County Business Sector website.

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce: An organization that facilitates connections and collaboration among the members of the business community in San Diego. The Chamber advocates for the interests of its members by supporting candidates and policies that benefit them. Visit SD Regional Chamber.

San Diego Employers Association: An organization that aims to provide human resources expertise to San Diego businesses to help them effectively manage and grow their workforce. Visit the San Diego Employers Association.

Find San Diego talent: best practices for creating a help wanted ad

A number of factors contribute to San Diego’s moderately competitive job market, including steady population growth. Taking the time to understand the market will help reach and attract a qualified talent pool.

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