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Prioritize veteran recruitment

Veterans make great hires. In fact, 73 percent of employers report that veterans display strong leadership skills.1 With over 1.25 million veterans with resumes on Indeed, we can help you connect with quality job seekers with military experience.

1Veterans Jobs Mission

Attract veterans to your company

A strong brand is key to letting veterans know you’re looking for them. Boost your brand’s status with:

  • Indeed Targeted Ads | Brand - Target your ads to military job seeker audiences and encourage them to learn more about your company.
  • Indeed Company Pages - People who visit your page to learn about your brand are 4X more likely to apply to your jobs.

Target veterans with your jobs

Use these solutions to ensure your jobs get in front of veteran talent:

  • Indeed Sponsored Jobs - Appear more prominently in search results relevant to job seekers with military experience.
  • Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply - Prominently display your open roles in campaigns specifically targeted to veteran candidates, based on their resume and search criteria.

Contact veterans proactively

With an Indeed Resume subscription, you’ll get unlimited contacts with candidates with military experience. Employers who use Indeed Resume see a 58% response rate2 on average.

  • Indeed Resume - Search and view resumes for candidates with military experience and send them unlimited messages with an active Indeed Resume subscription.

2Indeed data (worldwide)

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