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What Job Seekers Want:

Occupation Satisfaction & Desirability Report

Indeed Hiring Lab Report March 2014

How do people begin their search for a new opportunity in today’s job market? What types of jobs are most desirable to employed candidates? What factors influence a person’s decision to change jobs? In short, what do job seekers want?

The answers in What Job Seekers Want provide a forward-looking view of the labor market with information that employers can use to more effectively compete for new talent, and just as importantly, retain existing employees.

  • Who wants to change occupations, and who wants to stay
  • The role of salary in talent attraction and retention
  • Talent supply vs. hiring demand

This in-depth research is the first study of its kind, using aggregated, anonymous data from 430,000 currently employed job seekers on Indeed. Download the report now for the full findings.

About the Indeed Hiring Lab

The Indeed Hiring Lab is a global research institute committed to advancing the knowledge of human resource and talent management professionals worldwide. Led by Dr. Tara Sinclair, Indeed Economist and associate professor of economics and international affairs at George Washington University, the Hiring Lab research agenda includes large-scale labor research projects, ongoing tracking and analysis of employment trends, and surveys of industry professionals.

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