The Talent Driven Economy:

Emerging Interests of Today's Job Seeker

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New Research From the Indeed Hiring Lab

The War for Talent Is On

The labor market is much tighter than in recent years, and today there are fewer unemployed job seekers for every job opening.

Job seekers iconJob Seekers
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Job openings chart 2009
6.2Unemployed job seekers for every job opening
Job openings chart 2015
1.7Unemployed job seekers for every job opening

We examined the latest shifts in job seeker interests so you can stay in tune with the trends in your talent market and reach in-demand candidates before your competitors do.

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Jim Link

Jim Link

Chief Human Resources Officer
Randstad North America

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Jason Otero

Talent Acquisition Leader

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Inder Singh

Founder & CEO

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The Indeed Hiring Lab is a global research institute led by Dr. Tara Sinclair, Chief Economist at Indeed and associate professor of economics and international affairs at The George Washington University. The Indeed Hiring Lab research agenda includes large-scale labor research projects, ongoing tracking and analysis of employment trends and surveys of industry professionals.