How to Hire a Facilities Manager

Does your growing business need a facilities manager? A facilities manager is responsible for the safety of the company premises and ensuring that all the employees operate under the best working condition with every required amenity.

Here are some tips to help you find great facilities manager candidates and make the right hire for your business.

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Salary Information

  • Common wage in US: $17.15 hourly
  • Typical wages range from $7.50$68.00 hourly
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*Indeed data (US) – Jan 2019

Why hire a Facilities Manager?

Hiring an experienced Facilities Manager ensures optimum use of office space and reduction of operational cost. The key deliverables of the Facilities Manager involve installation of necessary equipment for the smooth functioning of office work. Managing the core building activities and ensure maintenance.

• Coordination of planned installation of heavy building equipment, telecommunication lines, electric wiring and other electrical equipment
• Inspection of the building structure and other facilities to ensure smooth functioning
• Supervise facilities staff and negotiate a rate with independent contractors

Skills to look for in a great Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager ensures that the building and its facilities are well maintained and helps in smooth functioning of the Organization. To hire a competent Facilities Manager, the hiring manager needs to look at specific and required skill set and personality traits.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or related fields
• More than three years of experience in a similar role
• A relevant professional qualification like CFM is a plus
• Sound knowledge of complex mechanical, electrical, warehouse control and other automation systems
• Demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in handling a large team of employees and contractors
• Strong negotiation, communication and project management skills

Writing a Facilities Manager job description

A comprehensive job description is imperative to finding an expert Facilities Manager. The job description should have a clear role summary with well-defined job duties and necessary skill set.

Consider including keywords that job seekers are using to search for Facilities Manager jobs, such as:

• Facilities Manager
• Senior Facilities Manager
• Maintenance and Facilities Manager

Interviewing Facilities Manager candidates

Hiring the right candidate for the role of Facilities Manager ensures organizational safety, security, installation of required facilities and equipment. To provide the best coordination in all these, the candidate needs to have vast experience and knowledge in dealing with the nitty-gritty of Facilities Management.

• Ensuring smooth functioning by regular inspection
• Showcasing leadership skills by supervising a large team
• How have they minimized cost by effective utilization of resources?

See our list of interview questions for more examples.

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