How to Hire a HR Manager

Does your growing business need an HR Manager? HR Managers handle the daily operations of your Human Resource department.

Here are some tips to help you find great HR Manager candidates and make the right hire for your business.

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Salary Information

  • Common wage in US: $20.48 hourly
  • Typical wages range from $13.00$78.50 hourly
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*Indeed data (US) – Jan 2019

Why hire a HR Manager?

The need for new staff can affect both your existing team and your bottom line. A great HR Manager hire can help your business:

• Manage the entire talent-recruitment process from writing descriptions to orientation
• Keeps an eye on industry trends to make sure your positions stay competitive
• Handles all employee issues, concerns, and conflicts

Skills to look for in a great HR Manager

A great HR Manager candidate will have the following skills and attributes as well as work experience that reflects:

• Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business Management
• Proficiency with Human Resource Software Systems
• Able to orchestrate a company culture and team environment
• Research and analysis skills
• Teamwork and collaborative work style
• Conflict resolution skills

Writing a HR Manager job description

A thoughtful description can help find qualified HR Manager candidates. An HR Manager job description includes a compelling summary of the role, detailed list of duties and responsibilities, and the required and preferred skills for the position.

Consider including keywords that job seekers are using to search for HR Manager jobs, such as:

• HR Manager
• Human Resource Manager
• Talent Acquisition Manager

Interviewing HR Manager candidates

Strong candidates for HR Manager positions will be confident answering questions regarding:

• Writing descriptive and comprehensive job descriptions
• Negotiating new employee payment and compensation
• Networking and recruiting for new talent and employees

See our list of interview questions for more examples.

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