How to Hire a Nurse Manager

Does your growing business need a nurse manager? A nurse manager aims to deliver the best patient experience by managing all the frontline nursing staff in the hospital.

Here are some tips to help you find great nurse manager candidates and make the right hire for your hospital or medical clinic.

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Salary Information

  • Common wage in US: $35.88 hourly
  • Typical wages range from $14.00$88.50 hourly
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*Indeed data (US) – Jan 2019

Why hire a Nurse Manager?

An efficient Nurse Manager helps the store to improve its customer relationship experience and increase the number of loyal customers by actively managing the nursing staff.

• Responsible for delivering top quality nursing care
• Develop and implement novel nursing practices to enhance nursing care at the medical facility
• Recruit, hire and train the nursing staff

Skills to look for in a great Nurse Manager

Nurse Managers are an essential part of any medical facility. It is crucial to note which qualifications and skills are vital for hiring a suitable Nurse Manager.

• Bachelor’s’ Degree in Nursing (Master’s preferred)
• Valid Registered Nurse State License
• More than five years of experience in nursing
• Effective communication and excellent interpersonal skills
• Possess strong physical stamina and work under high-pressure situations
• Work as a team player and multitask easily

Writing a Nurse Manager job description

A thoughtful description is important to finding qualified Nurse Manager candidates. A Nurse Manager job description includes a compelling summary of the role, detailed list of duties and responsibilities, and the required and preferred skills for the position.

Consider including keywords that job seekers are using to search for Nurse Manager jobs, such as:

• Assistant Nurse Manager
• Nurse Manager (with EMR experience)
• Nurse Supervisor

Interviewing Nurse Manager candidates

To hire a suitable Nurse Manager, take the time to vet candidates and asking detailed interview questions to understand their knowledge and skills.

• Proficiency in providing great quality patient care services in a medical facility
• Past experience in managing nursing staff, hiring and training them
• How they’ve contributed to providing a positive patient experience by effectively employing novel nursing practices

See our list of interview questions for more examples.

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