How to Hire a Nutritionist

Does your growing business need a nutritionist? A nutritionist aims to provide personalized nutrition plans as per the diverse nutritional needs and health concerns of patients.

Here are some tips to help you find great nutritionist candidates and make the right hire for your business.

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Salary Information

  • Common wage in US: $17.10 hourly
  • Typical wages range from $7.00$60.50 hourly
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*Indeed data (US) – Jan 2019

Why hire a Nutritionist?

An efficient Nutritionist helps the patients to achieve better health by making customized nutrition plans for them which can be followed by them on a daily basis.

• Review a client’s dietary needs by examining their health concerns, fitness levels, sleep, food habits
• Explains the nutrient impacts on human health and clarifies information
• Suggest counseling and positive actions to combat the dietary restrictions

Skills to look for in a great Nutritionist

Nutritionists are an essential part of a medical facility. It is crucial to note which qualifications and skills are vital for hiring a suitable Nutritionist.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics or Nutrition preferred
• Professional nutritionist experience for more than seven years’
• Valid Registered Dietitian (RD)
• Strong knowledge of the interrelationship between exercise and nutrition to advance human health
• Knowledge of working on Nutritionist Pro software and nutritional models
• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

Writing a Nutritionist job description

A thoughtful description is important to finding qualified Nutritionist candidates. A Nutritionist job description includes a compelling summary of the role, detailed list of duties and responsibilities, and the required and preferred skills for the position.

Consider including keywords that job seekers are using to search for Nutritionist jobs, such as:

• Senior Nutritionist
• Clinical Dietitian
• Registered Dietitian

Interviewing Nutritionist candidates

Strong candidates for Nutritionist positions will be confident answering questions regarding:

• Proficiency in providing nutrition services and consultation
• Past experience in advising patients on better nutrition and the interplay of nutrition and exercise
• How they’ve contributed to increased patient care experience by proactively advising patients on a diet for improving their health and quality of life

See our list of interview questions for more examples.

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