Introducing Instant Match

View quality candidates whose resumes on Indeed fit your description immediately after sponsoring a job. When you see a potential fit, you can invite them to apply.

Post a Sponsored Job

How it works

Immediate benefits

See top quality candidates first

See a list of candidates whose resumes on Indeed fit your job criteria as soon as you pay to sponsor a job. Your job post provides us with all the details we need to find you great matched candidates.

Illustration showing a list of Matched Candidates

Reach out

Invite candidates to apply

If you think someone’s a good fit, send them a personalized invitation to apply.

Illustration of the invite to apply message preview

Updated daily

Review your latest matched candidates

We keep your employer dashboard updated with any new matched candidates we find. You can invite them to apply at any time.

Illustration of Matched Candidates with an “Invited” checkmark showing that they’ve been invited to apply

With Instant Match, 90% of employers get quality candidates right when they sponsor their job*.

Citation: Indeed data (US)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these matches come from?

We use the information shared in your job description to search millions of resumes on Indeed. Then we surface matched candidates who match your job criteria.

Why should I invite matched candidates to apply?

By inviting matched candidates to apply, you’ll attract the attention of great candidates faster than if you only posted a Sponsored Job.

How do I get Instant Match?

You unlock Instant Match whenever you pay to sponsor a job on Indeed.

What does it mean to sponsor a job?

A Sponsored Job is a paid listing that has better visibility and doesn’t fall back in search results over time like free listings.

How does billing work for Sponsored Jobs?

Sponsored Jobs are billed monthly based on our pay-for-performance model. You’re only charged when interested job seekers click on your Sponsored Job.

Where can I find my matched candidates?

You can view matched candidates right after you sponsor a job. After that, you can find them on the Matched Candidates tab of your Employer Dashboard.

When can I invite candidates to apply?

You can invite matched candidates to apply as soon as you sponsor a job, or any time after from your employer dashboard.

How many people should I invite to apply?

We recommend inviting anyone who could be a good fit.

What happens after I invite matched candidates to apply?

When you invite matched candidates to apply, we send them a personalized email with your job information and a link to the description. If they’re interested in the job, you’ll be able to review their full application on the Applicants tab of your employer dashboard.

How much does Instant Match cost?

There’s no extra cost to use Instant Match when you sponsor a job.

Start matching with quality candidates