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Assistant Accountant Interview Questions

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  1. What educational and real-world experience do you have with accounting? See answer
  2. Reliability is very important in this job. How do you ensure accuracy in your work? See answer
  3. Where do you see yourself in your career in five years? See answer
  4. Tell me about your experience with accounting software. See answer
  5. We use several software applications throughout the company. How comfortable are you with computers?
  6. Can you discuss a time when you were part of an accounting group working towards a specific goal?
  7. There is a data entry error in one of your financial records. Tell me about the preventative tactics you would use to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
  8. While working in a team of accounting professionals, a team member disagrees with you. How do you handle this?
  9. Tell me about the types of financial documents you’ve learned to handle.
  10. Certain personal traits can improve the accuracy of assistant accountants. What qualities do you have that suit this job?
  11. Our assistant accountants usually work in teams. Tell me about an experience in which you achieved a shared target with team members.
  12. Providing efficient customer service is essential. A customer is unsatisfied with your performance. How do you handle it?
  13. One of our business goals is to increase worker compliance to company policies. As an assistant accountant, how will you ensure compliance?
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6 Assistant Accountant Interview Questions and Answers


We use several software applications across the company. How comfortable are you with computers?


Information technology is used throughout accounting whether at the data entry or reporting levels. Asking about an applicant’s computer background shows whether they’ll be competent and productive using the company’s tools. Listen for information relating to the job’s specific requirements. Candidates should be prepared to confirm their ability to use common office tools, which may include spreadsheet, word processing and email software. Willingness to gain new computer skills may also be mentioned. What to look for in an answer:

  • Background knowledge of computers and office software
  • Examples of tasks they’ve performed using different programs
  • Confidence as a user


“I enjoy working with computers and have experience with the Microsoft Office suite. I can also set up and work with spreadsheets. I learn new systems quickly.”


What educational and real-world experience do you have with accounting?


Interview questions about education aren’t usually about how well the candidate did scholastically, and GPAs and transcripts can be checked separately. This line of questioning is about determining how prepared an applicant is for the job. In addition to a quick summary by the candidate of their educational background, the answer can also highlight their focus and career priorities. Applicants should be familiar with the principles of accounting and able to put them to use. What to look for in an answer:

  • Clear description of relevant credentials and specialties
  • Matching of educational qualifications to the job description
  • Awards or other education-related honors


“I completed my degree two years ago, including multiple high-level accounting courses. I was also a business fraternity member and class treasurer.”


Reliability is very important in this job. How do you ensure accuracy in your work?


One of the main skills needed by an assistant accountant is accuracy. It’s helpful to know if the applicant realizes this importance and what efforts they make to achieve it. In particular, the interviewer will listen for reassurance that the candidate has consciously developed a habit or routine to help ensure reliable, accurate work. This indicates an understanding of the issue and a desire for superior performance in this critical area. What to look for in an answer:

  • Confirmation the applicant realizes the importance of accuracy
  • Description of habits that ensure details aren’t missed
  • Past examples of assignments requiring efficiency


“I went into accounting because I have an aptitude for detail-oriented work. I always double-check my entries as a final review. I enjoy making sure my work is correct.”


Can you discuss a time when you were part of an accounting group working toward a specific goal?


Accounting is involved in every element of a company, and a cohesive, close-knit team is needed to accomplish its many roles successfully. Each member relies on timely work produced by others, so it is important that a team mentality is part of the applicant’s skill set. In order to understand how the applicant might fit in, the interviewer will want to hear how a candidate engages with others and their general attitude towards the experience of shared performance. What to look for in an answer:

  • Positivity about the group
  • Role(s) the applicant took on
  • Which obstacles were recounted, and how they were handled


“In my last job, I was on the team to install new accounting software. I helped with user training and answered everyone’s questions. We made the switch seamlessly.”


Where do you see yourself in your career in five years?


This may seem like a general question, but in the context of an assistant accounting position, it has a more specific meaning. An accounting career often has well-defined career paths, proceeding from staff to senior to manager, before moving on to executive levels. The interviewer will listen for information about the applicant’s initiative and grasp of their goals, including promotion timeframes. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of the title structure of the company
  • Positive ambition
  • How grounded in reality their career goals are


“This position would be building on my experience, and I plan to remain at this level for at least two years. I would like to be a senior accountant in five years.”


Tell me about your experience with accounting software.


Technology can play a major role in simplifying accounting industry tasks, and an accounting assistant leverages computer applications effectively to enter customer data into databases, research customer data and make reports. This question can help an employer evaluate a candidate's training in relevant accounting software. An ideal assistant accountant candidate should have a working knowledge of standard software and should show an interest in learning more.

A candidate's answer should emphasize:

  • Background knowledge of accounting software
  • Interest in learning about new accounting technologies
  • Examples of software used

An example answer to this question can look like this:


"In addition to Microsoft Office programs, I've used FreshBooks, Wave Accounting and GoDaddy during my education and internship. I enjoy learning computer programs that simplify and improve my job performance and look forward to improving my expertise in this area."

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