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Construction Worker Interview Questions

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  1. How comfortable are you reading blueprints and electrical maps? See answer
  2. Do you consider yourself to be good at math? See answer
  3. Do you have experience wearing safety equipment and following safety regulations? See answer
  4. Tell me about your safety protocols for keeping yourself and others safe. See answer
  5. What is the construction job that you feel you’re best at?
  6. Are you comfortable with heights?
  7. You’re working on several construction projects with tight schedules. How do you manage your time?
  8. Tell me about some of the construction equipment you use often.
  9. Math skills are important in this position. Describe a time in which you saved your employer money by calculating material costs and choosing the best one.
  10. How do you stay fit?
  11. We offer training in lots of different construction specializations. In what area can we help you to improve your skills?
  12. Tell me about your experience working in teams.
  13. We generally hire workers with the right personalities for the job. Tell me about any personal qualities that make you an efficient construction worker.
  14. In an urgent construction project, your partner on a scheduled task has not shown up. You cannot complete the task on your own. How do you handle it?
  15. Before leaving the job site, how do make sure you’re ready to leave?
  16. Tell me about a suggestion you made on a construction project that you’re proud of.
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6 Construction Worker Interview Questions and Answers


How comfortable are you reading blueprints and electrical maps?


Without the ability to read blueprints and electrical maps, there is absolutely no guarantee that the building the construction worker is working on will come out right. For this reason, look for an answer that clearly demonstrates a familiarity with blueprints and electrical maps as well as some previous experience using them on the job. What to look for in an answer:

  • Explanations of how to read blueprints and electrical maps
  • Examples of previous experience using them
  • Critical thinking skills


“We used blueprints and electrical maps all the time at my old job, so I know how to read them well and understand what to do next by looking at a blueprint.”


Do you consider yourself to be good at math?


Many construction jobs require the worker to be good at certain types of math, such as figuring out the ratio of different materials to add to a mixture or calculating the comparative cost of different materials. For this reason, you need to find someone who is confident about their mathematical abilities and who, ideally, can solve typical job-related math problems quickly. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of the importance of math in construction jobs
  • Confidence in their ability to do whatever math the job requires
  • Ability to solve simple problems (such as multiplication and ratios) in their head


“I have always loved math and consider it a necessity of the job. I was always the person my co-workers would look to whenever there was a math question that needed solving on the job.”


What is the construction job that you feel you are best at?


This is an important question, especially when you have larger projects for which you will be hiring several construction workers at once. Candidates’ assessment of their strengths can give you an idea of what each one is best at, so you can assign tasks accordingly. Look for those who, collectively, give a diverse range of answers in order to cover all your bases. What to look for in an answer:

  • Different answers from candidates you might hire for various jobs
  • Specific examples of why a they excel at certain tasks
  • Signs of previous successful experience doing these tasks on the job


“I really like setting up the electrical system. I find it very interesting and usually do a great job at it.”


Are you scared of heights?


Many construction jobs require the worker to be high up with no walls or flooring to hide the fact that they are far above the ground. Fear of heights is common, so identifying candidates that do not have this particular phobia could affect your hiring decisions. If they do have a fear of heights that would make it hard to complete some jobs satisfactorily, you would not want to hire them for any job above ground level. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of what construction jobs entail
  • Fear of working at heights
  • Experience completing jobs properly when far above the ground


“I’ve worked on sites where I was constructing five-story buildings, and I had no trouble with the height at any point.”


Do you have experience wearing safety equipment and following safety regulations?


Because construction sites can be dangerous places, you want to hire construction workers who value their own safety as well as that of others and know how to follow relevant rules to prevent accidents and injuries. Safety equipment can go a long way to keeping workers free from harm. For this reason, you will want to look for candidates who understand the importance of this kind of equipment and know how to use it properly. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to asses potential danger and take necessary precautions
  • High level of understanding and respect for safety rules and regulations
  • Prior experience wearing safety equipment and following safety regulations


“I think safety is one of the most important things on the job and always study the safety rules that apply to my work. I’ve used a variety of safety equipment, including hard hats, steel-toed boots and welding goggles.”


Tell me about your safety protocols for keeping yourself and others safe.


Construction workers should be able to use procedures to work safely and avoid placing their colleagues and members of the public in danger. An employer can use this question to find out if a candidate is dependable and has the on-the-job training needed to maintain or improve a company's safety standards. A reliable construction worker can describe a feasible strategy that promotes safety.

A candidate's answer should emphasize:

  • Awareness of industry and company safety policies
  • Understanding of legal safety regulations
  • Ability to use problem-solving skills to improve a workplace safety standard

An example answer to this question could look like this:


"I regularly update myself on safety laws and construction industry protocols that apply to my jobs and comply with them. If I worked for you, I would also follow your safety policies. Additionally, I use all the recommended, relevant safety equipment, like headgear, harnesses, footwear and face coverings that promote safety in each job. Plus, if I see someone doing something that is unsafe and against safety advice, I would do something about it, like explain the risks of noncompliance or tell my supervisor if the situation continues."

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