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5 Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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Why are more businesses interested in spending their marketing budgets on digital marketing services such as SEO, web development, online advertising and content marketing?


By using online digital marketing services, there is a much higher probability in generating leads when compared to marketing services that are offered offline. Digital marketing also provides the ability to optimize strategies and work with actionable data. A digital marketing manager will understand that there is a diverse and wide audience available online and that data can be used to target specific demographics. What to look for in an answer:

  • Familiarity with different services that are available for online marketing
  • Specifics of data use
  • Examples of marketing campaigns they've run


"I am familiar with all aspects of online digital marketing and have been in charge of each service in the past."


Why is it important for a company to utilize a responsive website design when they need to have a website built for marketing their products?


With the introduction of mobile devices, browser screen size changed. An applicant for a digital marketing manager job will understand that it's important to use a responsive website design code for a business website, as it will automatically adjust its layout to match the device that's being used by a potential or existing customer who is searching for specific products or services. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to explain how the code works
  • Confidence in their level of explanation
  • Their personal design and development skills


"My background in web development helps me understand the inner workings of responsive web design. I have managed web design and development teams."


What are some of the most effective ways that a digital marketing company can help a business owner increase targeted traffic to their company website?


A digital marketing manager who has a vast amount of experience will be able to easily identify each role that different online marketing services provide. This question will help clarify the actual depth of knowledge and understanding of an applicant. They should be able to name a few specialized tools that are used when implementing online marketing services such as SEO or PPC. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to identify and explain specific online marketing tools
  • Willingness to learn new marketing tools
  • Experience with each service


"I have had experience utilizing Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and the Keywords Explorer tool by ahrefs for multiple SEO campaigns."


Have you ever worked with ad remarketing, and can you explain why it's important to implement this strategy into a marketing campaign?


An applicant's ability to answer this question will identify their understanding of either one or both major remarketing strategies that are used to send targeted ads to individuals who previously interacted with the content marketing supplied by a business, whether they were using Facebook or individual websites within the Google Display Network. What to look for in an answer:

  • Familiarity with ad remarketing techniques
  • Detailed explanation how techniques are used
  • Actual hands-on experience with various tools


"In my role as digital marketing manager at a small boutique digital marketing agency, we used video ads to retarget potential customers."


With a number of services available for online marketing, are there any limitations in using more than one service at a time?


Digital marketing services such as website design, content marketing and SEO work in conjunction with each other. An experienced applicant will understand how each service is combined to formulate a specific strategy. Their explanation and experience will indicate how organized and knowledgeable they are about the skills and techniques that are used to accomplish this type of online marketing. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience working with a company similar in size
  • Detailed description of how each marketing service works together
  • Ability to manage


"Early in my career, I started working with various content management systems and learned how web design and SEO must be combined."

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