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5 Expeditor Interview Questions and Answers

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Could you give examples of when you expedited and facilitated a process?


An effective expeditor need to be experienced at facilitating an industry's workflow. An applicant should have either past professional expeditor experience or strong personal experience at process facilitation. This question will give you an understanding of how well the applicant fits the experience requirements for the position as well as how knowledgeable they are about the expediting industry. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of process facilitation and production management
  • Previous work or educational experience as an expeditor
  • Understanding of industry requirements and terminology


"In my previous position, I would often manage the growing workflow of orders by rescheduling their delivery dates to match the company's fulfilment calendar."


What method do you find most effective for meeting production schedules?


An experienced expeditor will have developed specific techniques that allow them to meet deadlines effectively and expediently with the resources available. They need to be knowledgeable on how to make production plans along with data acquisition and maintenance. This question will help you determine if the applicant has the knowledge to bring valuable skills to your company that will turn them into an asset. What to look for in an answer:

  • A detailed, technical response
  • High-level knowledge of production planning
  • Industry experience at managing production schedules


"My expediting plan includes creating a detailed analysis of a facility's resources and production capacity to determine if outsourcing or investing in production are warranted to meet the current goals."


What do you consider the most challenging part of budgeting when expediting process management?


Budgeting is a major part of meeting production goals. A successful expeditor needs to be able to create budgeting plans as well as production plans in order to effectively meet sales projections. This question can help determine if the applicant can effectively manage the financial aspects of process management as well as helping your company create a useful budgeting strategy that will allow you to meet your production deadlines. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of successful budgeting strategies
  • A willingness to overcome obstacles
  • An understanding of how budgeting ties in with process management


"The biggest challenge with budgeting is that it can lead to unnecessary rigidity in decision-making. Budgets are tools that should be adjusted to fit the production schedule."


What would you say is the single most challenging aspect of being an expeditor?


An experienced applicant will have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of being an expeditor, including the challenges of successful process management. A candidate who is aware of these challenges is more likely to successfully overcome them, helping your company to succeed. This question gives your applicant an opportunity to display their knowledge of the field and show that they approach their work carefully. What to look for in an answer:

  • Awareness of common pitfalls
  • Knowledge of how to overcome these common challenges
  • Diligence and a careful approach to their work


"I believe the biggest challenge to expediting is a lack of process control. It takes time away from the production process to have to develop a governance plan for each project."


Tell us how you've successfully organized a diverse group of people to meet a production deadline.


At its core, expediting is about organizing different departments in a business to complete a task in time. It's important for an applicant to have the skills required to effectively communicate with and unite people in order to complete production deadlines in time. This question will allow the applicant to demonstrate their ability as an expeditor and will give you insight into the team management techniques they employ. What to look for in an answer:

  • A real-life example that demonstrates their experience
  • The ability to effectively work with diverse groups of people
  • Examples of successful expediting practices


"I helped a small business complete a large order on schedule by connecting them with a manufacturer and fulfillment center that was able to quickly meet their demand while cutting out unnecessary steps that would have increased delivery time."

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