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5 Head Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

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As the head cashier, you may get requests for refunds from unhappy customers. How would you handle these requests?


A head cashier assists customers and addresses their questions and concerns. They need to ensure refunds meet specific guidelines outlined in the company's reimbursement policy. They are expected to follow this procedure, which includes inspecting the product for damage and asking the customer a series of questions. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of retail store return policies
  • High level of customer service skills
  • Understanding of how to process a refund correctly


"I would follow strict refund policies and examine the products before issuing a refund. If the customer had a receipt and an eligible reason, I completed the store refund process. I added the returned items to the inventory by scanning the bar code into the computerized system. I created a new receipt showing the refund to enforce quality control practices, and I provided a full refund from the cash register till."


What steps did you follow when training new cashiers for your previous employer?


A head cashier oversees cashiers in their department and is responsible for training all new hires. This makes it essential that the candidate understands how to complete all their job duties with ease. What to look for in an answer:

  • Practice with training new cashiers
  • Experience operating technologically advanced point of sale systems
  • Evidence of excellent math and communication skills


"I trained new cashiers on our POS system and explained how to process checks, cash and credit card transactions. I showed the new hires how to complete end-of-shift reconciliation and break down the register till to a total of $75 for the next shift. I walked each new worker through stocking, cleaning and quality assurance requirements and introduced them to proper techniques for offering customer service and encouraging customers to make a purchase."


What were the terms of the store check acceptance policies, and how did you enforce the terms when serving customers?


A head cashier needs to have a good understanding of your store's check policy and be able to follow it as outlined. They need to complete all necessary processes and establish that the account is valid. They should know the specific information that needs to be collected from the customer, such as a work number and/or their driver's license number. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of a store's check verification systems
  • Experience with the check verification equipment
  • Practice with refusing bad checks


"After verifying the customer's contact information by obtaining their driver's license number and work number and validating their account, I accepted their checks. I reviewed the customer's address and compared it to distance restrictions outlined in the check policy. I refused any check that wasn't approved through the POS system or wasn't within the target area."


As a head cashier, can you explain your responsibilities to the store and job duties whenever the store manager was absent?


A head cashier learns how to complete the duties of a cashier, but they act as a manager to other cashiers. The candidate should have experience operating the shop on their own and be able to fill in for the store manager when that person is absent. What to look for in an answer:

  • Confidence in operating a retail store on their own
  • Knowledge of how to reconcile sales totals and complete daily expense reports
  • Critical thinking and interpersonal skills


"Working closely with the store manager, I developed operational skills that enabled me to run the shop in the manager's absence, and I filled in for her frequently. I mastered the end-of-shift paperwork and reconciliation requirements. I processed all daily invoices from vendors and set up the accounts payable submissions for the week, and I managed all store cashiers, ensuring a high level of customer service."


Can you explain your previous employer's safety procedures and policies for workers and customers and how as head cashier you held up the terms of the policies for the organization?


A head cashier needs to have a high level of understanding of all store safety policies and procedures and be able to follow and implement them as directed by the store manager. They need to be able to address any hazardous conditions inside the store that could lead to liabilities and potential lawsuits for the store owner. What to look for in an answer:

  • Understanding of the importance of safety policies and procedures
  • Willingness to take initiatives and implement safety policies and procedures
  • Confidence in their own problem-solving abilities


"Safety policies and procedures are paramount to the retail store in that they prevent common accidents and keep customers and workers safer. I mitigated the risk of slip-and-fall accidents by setting up a perimeter that prevented access to hazardous areas. As the head cashier, I was responsible for ensuring that all cashiers followed the safety policies and mitigated liabilities throughout their shifts. We also conducted safety meetings regularly to ensure that all workers understood the terms of the policies."

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