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5 IT Technician Interview Questions and Answers

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We may need you to work with various desktop systems while you're at this company. What different versions of these are you familiar with?


It's a good idea to start with a basic knowledge question like this. You can test right away whether the candidate is a good fit for your business or the role you have in mind. A decent IT technician should have some familiarity with several of the most common desktop systems in use today. They can tell you a bit about their favorites. What to look for in an answer:

  • Basic knowledge of common desktops
  • Ability to elucidate on the positive aspects of some systems
  • Ideas for implementing various programs


"I currently use Windows 10 on my own computer. However, the Linux operating system is making great strides. It is a good choice if your company wants something customizable and secure."


As an IT technician, have you ever used any tools related to software distribution? If so, what were they, and how did you use them?


This question tests some of the more advanced knowledge your potential hire may have. It also gives you some insight into their thought processes, organizational skills and what values they might place on specific aspects of the IT industry. A candidate who is familiar with and uses software distribution tools may be better equipped to handle a large office and its various needs. What to look for in an answer:

  • Specific examples of these applications
  • Experience using some of these programs
  • Possible benefits of using software distribution tools professionally


"I do have some experience with these tools. I've used WinInstall in the past. The great thing about software distribution tools in an office is they allow me to get new programs or applications to everyone right away. I can cut down on installing things on individual computers."


Let's say you receive several calls from senior management professionals who all need the assistance of an IT technician immediately. How do you handle this?


Dedicated IT technicians who work for one company are usually in high demand throughout the workday. Many end users require their help regularly, and some of them might include senior officials at the office. When everyone needs assistance at once, your IT technician needs to be able to show you that they can communicate well, prioritize various tasks and see to each person's issues. What to look for in an answer:

  • Effective and courteous communication skills
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to prioritize
  • Specific steps for solving computer issues efficiently


"Time management is key here. However, it also depends on the nature and severity of the technical issues. I would look at each problem individually and decide how much effort they would take. It makes sense to complete trivial tasks quickly and save time for complex ones later."


You'll be helping a lot of people in the office when you work as an IT technician. How do you deal with persistent user errors?


Your new hire will have to take care of the technical issues that might plague several office workers on a consistent basis. In some cases, the same users may keep having usual issues over and over again without understanding them accurately. You need to know that any IT technician you hire is able to work through these problems with professionalism and find the real source. What to look for in an answer:

  • Courteous interpersonal skills
  • Ability to explain common computer issues concisely
  • Problem-solving methods relating to finding the source of the glitches


"I understand that users aren't supposed to know as much about the technical side of computers as I do. I would ask them to explain what they were doing before and after the glitch occurred and perform an analysis from there."


Security on networked computers can be a big issue at our company. What would be your recommendation for implementing some guidelines at individual user levels?


This question tests the candidate's training when it comes to keeping your work computers safe from malicious attacks. IT technicians need to be able to address constant threats from viruses, malware and other forms of electronic harm. You can also use this question to check the potential hire's analytical or problem-solving skills. Their knowledge of current security processes or methods should come into play. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of updated security specializations
  • Specific processes for safeguarding data and computers
  • How the hire works through security issues


"In order to maintain electronic safety at this level, I strongly recommend that each user has an encrypted password file. Fingerprint sensors can ensure only authorized individuals are connected to the system."

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