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5 Leasing Agent Interview Questions and Answers

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In your opinion, where are the best places to place advertisements for an apartment vacancy?


When meeting with candidates, you'll want to find a leasing agent who understands how to complete digital marketing for a rental property and place advertisements in front of prospective tenants. They should have skills in creating online campaigns and tracking their success. The agent will need to understand what information about the property to add to the marketing information to attract your company's target demographic. They should also be proficient in social media marketing. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience setting up marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge of marketing strategies for rental properties
  • Researches the best audience for each property


"Social media is the best place to post ads for rental properties targeted toward young professionals. These platforms place your ads in front of a larger audience and increase exposure."


When acting as a landlord, what services did you provide the property owner?


The candidate should have experience acting as a landlord and completing related tasks. This means they have experience collecting rental payments, starting new leases and coordinating repair services. You'll want a leasing agent that won't schedule repairs until after the owner has approved them and reviewed the estimate for services. The candidate should understand the importance of enforcing any rules imposed by the property owner. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience acting as a landlord
  • History of coordinating with repair services when issues arise
  • Collection of rental payments and late fees


"As a landlord, I collected rental payments on the first day of every month and added late fees when applicable. I contacted and coordinated with repair services for plumbing, electrical and structure issues with the property. I also enforced the terms of the lease as directed by the property owner."


What processes do you follow when staging a rental property for prospective tenants?


You'll want a candidate who understands why it's important to stage the property for prospective tenants The candidate should know how to complete the task without overspending or creating a financial hardship for your company. You'll also want a candidate who takes the time to inspect the property for flaws and correct them before showing the property to a tenant. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience staging rental properties
  • Familiarity with showing properties to prospective tenants
  • Meticulous cleaning and staging skills


"When staging a past rental property, I rented furnishings to fill an example unit and show prospective tenants what to expect when living in the space. I scheduled painting and cleaning services as needed to maintain vacant properties."


How did you manage the eviction process when tenants violated the terms of the lease?


The candidate should have an understanding of how to complete an eviction and comply with applicable laws. You'll want a candidate who has experience evicting tenants after a violation of the terms of the lease. You should be looking for someone with an advanced understanding of eviction laws. Candidates who understand what to do won't present your company with liabilities or possible lawsuits. Someone who doesn't follow the letter of the law may give the tenant grounds for retaliative legal actions. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience with the eviction process
  • Knowledge of local eviction laws
  • Follows all regulations


"The state requires a notice each month that the tenant was delinquent on rental payments and a written notice if they violated other terms of the lease. When starting the eviction process, I send certified letters to the tenant to inform them of the eviction and place a notice on the door of the property. When necessary, I contact law enforcement if the tenant remains in the property after 30 days."


What property maintenance services did you previously perform or manage for property owners?


A good candidate will understand the daily property maintenance requirements for a rental property. The candidate will either perform some of the services themselves or coordinate with service providers. Their answer should show you that they take this aspect of their job seriously. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experience scheduling property maintenance
  • Coordinates with service and repair providers
  • Ensures that HVAC systems are maintained


"In the past, I've scheduled lawn services, HVAC servicing and structural repairs as needed. I worked closely with service providers to maintain the property and keep it compliant with local building codes for rental properties."

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