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Material Handler Interview Questions

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  1. What warehouse equipment and machinery are you familiar with using? See answer
  2. Do you have any specializations in material handling? See answer
  3. How much weight can you lift and carry by yourself? See answer
  4. Can you tell me about your computer skills and experience using any warehouse management software? See answer
  5. What are PPEs and MSDSs, and when would you use them?
  6. If you see another employee doing something that violates the warehouse’s safety rules, how would you react?
  7. As a material handler, what part of your job in the warehouse do you find the most challenging? Why?
  8. Since your job requires you to do a lot of heavy lifting, what do you do to stay fit?
  9. In your opinion, how important is it for a material handler to be detail-oriented and organized?
  10. Explain the various factors you must consider to find the right shipping methods for different materials.
  11. What documents do you need to prepare to route materials?
  12. As a material handler, what role do you play in the material procurement process?
  13. Describe how you monitor the inventory levels in the warehouse. Do you have any particular organizational method?
  14. In your previous job, did you ever have to handle any hazardous materials? What are some of the basic precautions that material handlers need to take for handling and storing hazardous materials?
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6 Material Handler Interview Questions and Answers


What warehouse equipment and machinery are you familiar with using?


An experienced material handler should be comfortable using most of the available equipment in a warehouse. A big part of the job involves using machines such as forklifts, pallet jacks and conveyors. This question will test an applicant’s experience with these machines, and also let you know if they would require additional training if you were to hire them. What to look for in an answer:

  • Warehouse experience
  • Whether the applicant will need additional training
  • Familiarity with common warehouse equipment


“In the couple of years I’ve spent working in a warehouse environment, I’ve become proficient with all the warehouse equipment we used, including forklifts, cherry pickers, conveyors, pallet jacks, hand trucks and lift tables.”


What are PPE and MSDS, and when would you use them?


Job site safety is very important in a warehouse, and a qualified applicant should be aware of the precautions and procedures they must take when working with potentially dangerous substances. This question tests the applicant’s knowledge of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), two important OSHA requirements for a safe workplace. What to look for in an answer:

  • Knowledge of what these acronyms stand for
  • Understanding of when to use PPE and MSDS
  • Experience reading and using MSDS


“PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and includes goggles, gloves and coveralls. PPE is used whenever a potentially dangerous substance is being handled. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, and that’s the informational document attached to hazardous substances that explains what they are, how to handle them and what to do in case of exposure.”


Do you have any specializations in material handling?


Some materials require a specialized approach to handling or else they can be dangerous to the handler and those around them. A qualified material handler will most likely have taken certification classes to become specialized at handling a handful of materials, usually the ones they work with on a daily basis. Even if the applicant isn’t specialized in the exact materials your position works with, previous specializations will demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn. What to look for in an answer:

  • Previous specializations and how they fit in with your industry
  • Openness to becoming specialized in new materials
  • Dedication to bettering themselves for their career


“During my time with my previous company, I became specialized at steel and asbestos handling, but I’m interested in gaining more specializations in a variety of other materials.”


How much weight can you lift and carry by yourself?


Material handling requires an employee to be in good physical health and have the physical stamina to be capable of carrying and overhead lifting between 25 and 70 pounds, depending on the warehouse. This question will give you a good idea about the physical health of a candidate and if their strength makes them a good fit for the position. What to look for in an answer:

  • Strong and healthy individual
  • Stamina to endure a long work day
  • Ability to carry and lift the required weight overhead throughout the day


“I’m able to carry up to 70 pounds unaided and even more with the right tools, and I can lift up to 50 pounds over my head. I’ve been doing this type of work for years now and know I have the stamina required to succeed in this job.”


Can you tell me about your computer skills and experience using any warehouse management software?


The job of a material handler isn’t restricted to the warehouse floor. Some parts of the job, such as inventory management, scheduling and order tracking, take place on a computer. A qualified applicant must have the knowledge and experience to effectively use the software your company implements to fulfill these management needs. What to look for in an answer:

  • Proficient in warehouse management software
  • Familiar with the specific software your company uses
  • Willingness to learn new computer skills if needed


“I have years of experience using the programs in the Microsoft Office suite. At my last job, we used Excel extensively to manage inventory and orders. I’m also familiar with the warehouse management software Fourth Shift and am a quick learner, so I’m sure I’ll be able to learn whichever program you use.”


If you see another employee doing something that violates the warehouse's safety rules, how would you react?


Material handlers must understand and follow the safety rules and regulations set by the warehouse. By asking this question, interviewers want to find out if candidates comprehend that their well-being and that of others in the warehouse depends on taking all possible safety precautions when handling and storing different materials. A responsible material handler can follow the warehouse's safety rules themselves and convince others of the importance of following them to make sure that the warehouse remains a safe workplace for all its employees.

The candidate's answer should include:

  • Understanding of warehouse safety rules
  • Responsible behavior
  • Communication skills

A sample response would be something like this:


"If I came across anyone doing something that is not safe in the warehouse, I would find it necessary to speak to them about it as it concerns everyone's safety. I would approach them and point out that what they are doing is against the warehouse's safety rules. I may show them a copy of the rules if they ask for it. I will then help them to find some other safer method to do their work."

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