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5 Property Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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Are you familiar with our local building codes and the fair housing laws of our state?


Look for knowledge of state landlord and tenant laws. The property manager candidate must also know the building codes and regulations established by the state and county or municipality. They should know how to remain in compliance while working to meet the needs of the property and its tenants. Look for mention of procedures and practices consistently followed to ensure that all compliance requirements are met. A combination of formal training and self-education regarding these matters demonstrates diligence and dedication. What to look for in an answer:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of state and local laws that relate to property management
  • Experience in meeting state and local requirements
  • Willingness to stay current on industry laws and mandates


"My training entailed familiarizing myself with local and state laws. Most of the knowledge I've obtained since then has been hands-on or from mentors in the field."


How would you handle a problem tenant who insists the damage in their unit is the responsibility of building management?


This will allow you to see how the applicant manages difficult tenants without losing occupancy or affecting the property budget. Communication is a vital component of this role. The candidate must be able to stand firm by the building's rules and regulations. Reinforcing tenant agreements and re-educating tenants should be an ongoing part of their management strategy. Look for keywords that demonstrate their ability to address occupants' concerns appropriately and with empathy. What to look for in an answer:

  • Experienced with upholding state property laws and regulations
  • Demonstrates strength in communication and empathy
  • Understands that educating tenants is a strategic part of their management role


"Some tenants just aren't aware of what damages management actually covers. Reiterating what's included in the rental agreement they signed and using written material or other viable resources usually resolves the issue."


How would you communicate with the tenants regarding updates or emergencies?


Ideally, the candidate is able to work well during an emergency or when dealing with time-sensitive issues. Look for a sense of control and a proactive attitude. They must also be able to convey an understanding that they are responsible for the safety of the tenants and the property. Good written and oral communication skills are necessary for this position. Effective strategic planning demonstrates potential to become a great manager. What to look for in an answer:

  • Able to work well in stressful circumstances
  • Can communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrates positive leadership skills by strategizing and planning


"I have an emergency plan in effect with each person based on their individual situations. I have never left tenants in the dark about any matter that affects their tenancy or quality of life."


What are some relationships you need to form in order to be successful in your role as property manager?


The relationships a candidate has built or finds important to pursue can increase their credibility. Listen for mention of a network that consists of various professionals who work together to manage a property effectively. A track record of building long-term relationships indicates a sense of reliability and commitment on the candidate's behalf. Knowing which professionals to seek out for various circumstances also demonstrates efficiency. Pay close attention to genuine appreciation for those who support the property manager's role. What to look for in an answer:

  • Values their professional network
  • Know which professionals belong within their network
  • Demonstrates being able to achieve long-term business collaborations


"Throughout the years, I've built solid relationships with licensed professionals and vendors within the industry that have helped me attain my goals as a property manager."


What is the largest amount of rentals you have managed simultaneously?


This allows you to see if the applicant is able to successfully manage multiple rental properties at once. Their answer will reflect their experience in the field. Look for confidence and a sense of accomplishment when the candidate replies. Their answer should be direct and specific rather than approximate. The candidate should know how many properties they've managed at any given time. This shows attention to detail and commitment to the work they do. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to manage multiple properties
  • A substantial amount of experience managing a number of properties at once
  • Demonstrates passion and knowledge


"For three years, I managed two residential buildings of 24 units each and a commercial building that had eight suites. I learned the most during this period."

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