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5 Realtor Interview Questions and Answers

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What is your production level, and how long have you been a realtor?


Although experience doesn't guarantee the realtor will be a good fit for you, you generally want a realtor who's sold some homes and knows what it's like to deal with different types of clients. This question will give you an idea what they're capable of and if they have the potential to grow in your company. What to look for in an answer:

  • Honest and straightforward answer
  • Exceptional qualifications and a high level of industry knowledge
  • Good communication skills


"I've been a realtor for five years. In my first year, I sold 15 homes, and I now average 25 a year. I believe the thorough knowledge I have of the area and my network of connections is what allows me to be a successful realtor."


What do you do if clients have unreasonably high expectations about how much they can sell their home for?


This question is important because it gauges the realtor's ability to work well with customers. It checks to see if they can be tactful when dealing with financial discussions and a homeowner's emotions. Realtor candidates have a chance to show off their financial knowledge, and you can tell how much they know about proper pricing when they respond to this question. What to look for in an answer:

  • Recognition of the importance of a proper asking price
  • Sensitivity when handling clients
  • Ability to persuade others with logic and emotion


"I'd be sympathetic but show them local pricing data and explain the importance of using pricing similar to other listings."


As a realtor, do you prefer to work with clients by yourself or get support from other people at an agency?


This question will help you assess whether or not the agent would be a good fit at your company. Every real estate agency is different, so as the applicant answers, try to determine if the candidate has a working style that would fit in with other employees. You can get a glimpse into their personality and figure out if they are likely to cause office drama by antagonizing or ignoring the other people on your team. What to look for in an answer:

  • Confidence in their own abilities
  • Understanding of how to interact with other agents
  • Ability to be friendly and professional


"I enjoy being able to see to my clients needs personally, but I appreciate having help from teammates when necessary."


What part of the city would you recommend for a buyer interested in investing in a home in an up-and-coming region?


Asking this sort of question lets you test realtor candidates' knowledge of the city they will be working in, and it also encourages them to share how well they can interact with clients. Specifically asking about areas they consider to be promising is useful because it helps you see how capable the agent is in analyzing market trends and thinking about long-term changes. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to list pros and cons of local neighborhoods
  • Knowledge of how local markets are shifting
  • Confidence with customer interactions


"I'd recommend the southern downtown area. There's been a lot of new construction there which suggests property values are rising."


Can you give me examples of some types of technology you have used to enhance your career as a realtor?


Ask this question to see how well the realtor embraces the modern reality of being a real estate agent. Their response lets you know whether they are comfortable using classic realtor software to do things like track sales and manage customer relations. What to look for in an answer:

  • Proficiency with realtor software
  • Experience using social media for marketing
  • Excitement for working with realtor technology


"I built my own SEO-friendly website with Wordpress, and I also use BoldLeads to manage customer relations and find leads."

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