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5 Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

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What surveillance systems do you have experience with, and will you be able to learn how to use new ones?


This question is important because it highlights the security guard's technical expertise. A good candidate will be able to discern between different types of security systems and provide you with a look into their past experiences. Depending on their answer, you may ask them about learning a new system, or working with one that you already employ, if there is overlap. What to look for in an answer:

  • Familiarity and preference with at least one security software
  • Ability to switch over to new software
  • Understanding of how to identify threats


"I am most familiar with Blue Iris and like its interface, but I am willing to work with different surveillance software as necessary."


Have you ever had to deal with an assault case? What did you do to resolve the situation?


In the worst-case scenarios, individuals asked to leave the premises may become violent. A security guard should be well-versed in de-escalation techniques in order to reduce the likelihood of the trespasser becoming violent. In the most difficult situations, the security guard is expected to call for backup and act exclusively in self-defense, avoiding escalating the situation as much as possible. They should be prepared to document the incident accurately. What to look for in an answer:

  • Has experience with de-escalation techniques
  • Understands the importance of working with others
  • Focuses on self-defense in the worst-case scenario


"I was assaulted at my previous job, but I was able to back away and call for assistance before the situation got worse."


Have you ever worked with a team in a security-based environment? How were you able to use teamwork to resolve a problem?


Chances are that this will not be the only security guard who you employ. It's important for the potential candidate to know how to work with a team in order to maximize their efficiency. Individuals who have experience working with teams and groups are a huge plus in this field. They need to be able to act as backup when requested and to call on others in a difficult situation. What to look for in an answer:

  • Has experience working with others in security
  • Understands backup protocol and procedures
  • Can ask for help when necessary


"I worked as a security guard for an apartment building for five years, and in that time I synchronized with others to apprehend suspicious people."


Do you have any CPR or other medical training, and do you regularly go to have your certification renewed?


CPR training is a tremendous plus for this job. If anything goes wrong, your potential candidate will be able to leap into action to prevent a problem from becoming worse. CPR training ensures that the security guard will be able to assist in an emergency until EMS personnel arrive. Staying on top of certification exams allows the candidate to keep up with the latest techniques and practices. What to look for in an answer:

  • Has CPR training
  • Regularly goes to have their first responder accreditation renewed
  • Has experience with medically urgent situations


"I renewed my CPR accreditation a month ago. I have used it once at my previous security guard post for an elderly gentleman."


What do you do to keep yourself motivated during the more quiet moments on the job?


Vigilance is always vital to have for a security guard. You want to make sure that you're hiring someone who takes the job seriously and will stay focused, even during the quieter hours. Learning more about how they handle periods of slow traffic can allow you to get a feel for their character as a security guard. Ideally, they'll be able to busy themselves as effectively as possible. What to look for in an answer:

  • Versatility in paying attention to the perimeter
  • Mental dedication to the job
  • Ability to stay on task during quiet hours


"When it gets quiet, I like to patrol the perimeter. It lets me change up my settings and keep an eye out for problems."

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