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5 Ux Designer Interview Questions and Answers

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Describe UX design. Why do you think it's as important as other parts of the application development process?


User experience (UX) design is the discipline of designing interfaces for software applications that improve the user's experience. It's applied to projects like desktop program GUIs, game interfaces and mobile app front ends. In all these examples, a UX designer implements the interface features that make a product useful and appealing to its users. A candidate should mention concepts like usability, user interface design and user research. What to look for in an answer:

  • Basic understanding of UX design methods
  • Understanding of user research methods
  • Ability to communicate core principles of UX design


"UX design covers the development process that creates the user interface of a software product. It's important because it ensures that the product will meet the needs of your customers."


UX designers have different approaches to their process. What process do you follow as a UX designer?


A candidate should have an answer prepared for a question about their design process. Look for specific project examples that illustrate why the candidate chooses the process steps they follow. A software project has a life cycle that begins with user needs and ends with deployment. This question is a good way to judge how well a designer sees themselves fitting into that process. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to clearly express a UX design process
  • Organizational fit
  • Experience gained from past projects


"I begin with a list of user requirements and interview users whenever possible to get a better idea of what they need. I then create mock-ups that I test with actual users before implementing a final design."


How do you go about working with other designers and developers on a software project?


UX designers fill one slot on a software project, and on large projects they may work with a team of several UX designers. In either case, they will also interact with product owners, users and software developers. Open-ended questions like this are a good way to gauge whether a candidate's personality and professional communication skills fit an existing team or your overall organization. What to look for in an answer:

  • Professional communication skills
  • Ability to fit within your organization
  • Understanding of UX design as part of a software project


"I define tasks and roles and my primary contacts at the start of each project. I generally prefer to work collaboratively on designs because it has better end results than when I work independently."


UX design involves many responsibilities. What are the tasks that you consider most important?


This question gauges how familiar a UX designer is with design process specifics. UX designers are usually responsible for conducting user research, designing user work flows, documenting user stories, building interface wire frames and testing functional mock-ups with users. A candidate should mention some of these facets of the design process and why they are important. When evaluating answers, consider whether their priorities match the UX design process used on your development team. What to look for in an answer:

  • Past experience as a UX designer
  • Understanding of each element of the UX design process
  • How well the candidate fits existing team processes


"On past projects, I've learned that it's important to document user needs, user stories and customer personas before I begin an interface design. Testing is also key to arriving at the best design possible."


What's your process for deciding which features to add to a final product and which to discard?


Most software projects have limited resources and deadlines, so UX designers typically must decide which features are most important and which will need to be set aside. Candidates should mention concepts like minimum viable product (MVP) as they explain how they decide what must be included in a design. They should also mention the need to consult product owners and developers about product strategies and technical limitations. What to look for in an answer:

  • Ability to evaluate pros and cons of design choices
  • Understanding of user needs and research principles
  • Communication and persuasion skills


"Most projects have a list of requirements when they begin that's whittled down as we determine which are most important. I'm careful to consult users and product owners before I remove features from the list."

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