Account Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: July 28, 2022


An Account Manager is responsible for making sure client and customer needs are being met and understood by each department in the company. Their duties include handling any client complaints, working to find solutions to any client issues and managing other departments to ensure clients are experiencing a positive client-company relationship.

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Account Manager duties and responsibilities

A competent Account Manager should be flexible enough to handle a variety of duties that pertains to your firm and clients. Their main responsibility is to make sure a company’s customers are happy, and some of their specific daily duties include:

  • Communicating with clients to ensure that all of their needs are understood and addressed
  • Building strong client relationships to maintain old business and acquire new customers
  • Collaborating with various internal departments to ensure that they fulfill all customer requests
  • Resolving complaints and keeping track of all processes that pertain to the client’s desires
  • Acting as the client’s representative in a firm to ensure that their demands are met with a focus on improving the customer experience
  • Collecting and analyzing data concerning consumer behavior to understand changing needs
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Account Manager Job Description Examples

What does an Account Manager do?

Account Managers handle any big picture issues a client is facing. They typically act as a link between the company and clients to ensure all of their needs are being met and that they’re satisfied with the work the company’s providing them. They may work in many different industries, including marketing, advertising, software, financial services or event management. Account Managers usually assess the needs of the client and find creative solutions to large problems they’re facing. They constantly work to brainstorm new ways to maintain a strong, positive relationship with clients. Account Managers may also negotiate client contracts, research current client behaviors and identify new business opportunities with existing clients.

Account Manager skills and qualifications

A successful Account Manager should have various skills and qualifications that fulfill the prerequisites for your job opening, including:

  • Satisfactory problem-solving skills to help resolve customer complaints or needs
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate product ideas to clients
  • Up-to-date understanding of the industry’s consumer behavior
  • Strong customer service and interpersonal skills for dealing with different types of customers and clients
  • Exceptional analytical skills for analyzing client data
  • Time management and multitasking skills in order to handle multiple tasks and clients at once
  • Advanced motivational and negotiation skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

Account Manager salary expectations

The average salary for an Account Manager is $63,348 per year. This salary may differ based on your company’s location and industry and the candidate’s education and experience.

Account Manager education and training requirements

Educational requirements for Account Managers may vary from one job to another, and the degrees they should have may depend on your specific industry. In general, candidates should at least have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, sales or another similar field. Some employers, however, prefer to hire applicants with a master’s degree and knowledge of client relations. Other companies may look for candidates who have certifications in their field, such as the Strategic Account Manager Certification offered by the Strategic Account Management Association.

Account Manager experience requirements

Most companies look for Account Managers who have plenty of experience in the industry. Some may prefer candidates who have previous experience as Account Managers or in similar leadership roles, while others may accept applicants who have many years of experience in lower-level positions in the same field. These candidates may have experience from internships or entry-level positions like Junior Account Executive, Assistant Account Manager or other similar roles in sales or marketing.

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Frequently asked questions about Account Managers

What qualities does a strong Account Manager have?

There are several qualities you should look for in an effective Account Manager, including: 

  • Leadership skills to delegate tasks and provide guidance to help employees deliver exceptional work to clients 
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities to find creative solutions to complex issues clients may be facing 
  • Communication skills to regularly meet with clients to learn their goals and needs and professionally relay this information to other employees
  • Industry knowledge to implement and oversee compelling campaigns relevant to the industry and its audience

What is the difference between an Account Manager and Account Executive?

An Account Manager usually works above the Account Executive to ensure they’re meeting their clients’ needs and reaching goals. Account Executives usually work day-to-day with the client to identify goals and implement campaigns. Account Managers ensure this process runs smoothly and handle the big-picture problems a client may have. 

Who reports to the Account Manager?

Account Executives usually report to the Account Manager to report their status and progress on certain projects with clients. If Account Executives are facing certain challenges meeting the goals laid out for them, they’ll meet with the Account Manager to communicate the issues. Account Managers also ensure the needs of the Account Executives are being met by handling any complaints the client may have about the employee or that the employee may have about the client. If the Account Executive is having trouble finding resources or retrieving work from certain departments, the Account Manager resolves the issue for their employees. 

What are the challenges of an Account Manager role?

Account Managers are in charge of many tasks that keep the company’s relationship with the client running smoothly. They’re often in charge of establishing and negotiating client payments to ensure the payment fits within the client’s budget and is equivalent to how much work the client’s receiving. They should also conduct extensive research to have strong knowledge of the client’s industry to help guide the Account Executive in creating relevant and valuable campaigns. 

They also work in a fast-paced environment to regularly meet clients’ needs. If a client decides to go a new direction with a project, the Account Manager must quickly direct their team to implement the project for the client.  

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