Advertising Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

An Advertising Manager, or Marketing Manager, is responsible for overseeing the different advertising projects, activities and channels that their organization uses to reach customers. Their duties include setting goals and a timeline for carrying out an advertising campaign, supervising creatives such as Graphic Designers and Content Writers, collecting data on customer reach and evaluating the success of different marketing methods.

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Advertising Manager duties and responsibilities

Advertising Managers perform many creative, planning and leadership tasks to ensure their company’s advertising efforts are effective. Common duties and responsibilities can include: 

  • Overseeing the design and content of an advertising campaign to ensure it meets the needs of the target audience
  • Collaborating with clients or leadership to determine the goals of advertising projects and strategizing plans to meet those goals 
  • Running campaigns to introduce prospective customers to new product releases and build brand awareness
  • Consistently managing and overseeing advertising campaigns to ensure they’re engaging customers and bringing in results 
  • Analyzing results from each campaign to determine what was successful and what to improve for the next campaign 
  • Leading brainstorming sessions with team members to cultivate ideas for new advertising campaign concepts, including content and design elements
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Advertising Manager Job Description Examples

What does an Advertising Manager do?

Advertising Managers plan and execute advertising campaigns as part of an in-house marketing team or as part of an advertising firm that handles customer outreach for a range of clients. They closely coordinate with their team to help them stay organized and meet key company goals. Advertising Managers interpret market research and use their analysis to lead brainstorming sessions and develop ideas for promotional campaigns. They delegate tasks to employees, give them feedback and provide them with the tools they need to improve company outreach in different areas.

Advertising Manager skills and qualifications

An Advertising Manager uses various soft skills, technical abilities and industry knowledge to lead advertising teams and improve a company’s sales communications. Common skills and qualifications are: 

  • In-depth understanding of common marketing and advertising best practices
  • Effective communication, including writing, speaking, active listening and presenting
  • Multitasking and time management skills that allow them to work on several campaigns at once
  • Collaboration skills when working on projects with both clients and other departments
  • Data analysis and critical thinking skills to review and apply campaign results
  • Leadership skills, including motivation, goal-setting and project management
  • Ability to make effective and efficient decisions when planning, scheduling and implementing campaigns
  • Comfortable using campaign tracking and scheduling software among other creative computer-aided design tools

Advertising Manager salary expectations

An Advertising Manager makes an average of $56,456 per year. Salary may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

Advertising Manager education and training requirements

Advertising Manager candidates are likely to have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, journalism, communication or a related field. Courses Advertising Managers may take include marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communications, visual arts, media, art history and photography. Some candidates may have pursued a master’s degree in business administration, marketing, advertising or another related field. Other candidates may also have industry certifications, including those from Promotional Products Association International.

Advertising Manager experience requirements

Since this is a leadership role, Advertising Managers typically start out in entry-level marketing or promotional roles learning how to build campaigns and track their results. Once they have gained enough experience, they pursue an Advertising Manager role that allows them to oversee employees during the campaign creation process. Other candidates may also have previous experience in public relations, communications, sales, design and writing roles as well.

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Frequently asked questions about Advertising Managers

What makes a good Advertising Manager?

Good Advertising Managers have a balance of creative ability and business sense. Advertising Managers with a good artistic eye can help guide their company or client’s brand vision through the ads and promotional materials they develop. Because Advertising Managers work with several different creative roles, they need to be able to intelligently discuss topics from web design to article headlines to be successful. Excellent Advertising Managers have strong interpersonal skills and are able to identify strengths and weaknesses on their team to help them grow their potential.

Who do Advertising Managers work with?

As mid-level management, Advertising Managers generally report to an executive role such as Director of Marketing and oversee a team of marketing professionals. Because they coordinate activities between executives, creatives, administrators and analysts to create highly effective marketing strategies. Advertising Managers work closely with everyone on their team. Some of the roles that Advertising Managers directly supervise can include:

  • Illustrator
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Photographer
  • Sales Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Promotional Coordinator
  • Media Coordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Web Analytics Consultant

What is the difference between an Advertising Manager and a Marketing Manager?

Although advertising and marketing are similar fields that work closely together, Advertising Managers and Marketing Managers have distinct roles. Advertising Managers focus on finding ways to connect existing products or services with a customer base by appealing to their interests and values. Marketing Managers emphasize researching a business and following trends to determine how a company can differentiate themselves from competitors. Advertising Managers work closely with a staff and may be in charge of hiring for different advertising roles while Marketing Managers have a more strategic role with less personnel management.

What should you look for in an Advertising Manager resume?

An Advertising Manager’s resume should reflect strong industry experience creating advertising campaigns and evidence of leadership potential. Depending on the scope of the projects they will be working on, Advertising Managers may need extensive experience managing a large team of creatives. For companies with smaller assignments, experience leading projects in other industries could be sufficient for the role.

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