Assistant Project Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

An Assistant Project Manager, or Project Manager Assistant, works alongside the Project Manager to plan and execute projects for a company. Their duties include identifying clients’ or stakeholders’ project needs and goals, creating a detailed plan to successfully complete a project and organizing and storing project reports and documents.

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Assistant Project Manager duties and responsibilities

On a normal day, the Assistant Project Manager may work alone or with a team. The successful candidate will undertake the following duties and more as instructed by the Project Manager:

  • Liaising with project stakeholders concerning project details and deliverables
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation of projects
  • Helping to coordinate and manage project tasks and deliverables
  • Analyzing data as required
  • Conducting administrative duties, such as setting up meetings, drafting invoices and drawing estimates
  • Tracking and reporting project progress
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Project Manager in an orderly and efficient manner
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Assistant Project Manager Job Description Examples

What does an Assistant Project Manager do?

Assistant Project Managers are typically employed to support the Project Manager in the planning and execution of a client’s project. They often assist Project Managers on larger, complex projects and ensure the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Assistant Project Managers often complete the day-to-day tasks involved in planning and implementing a project, like coordinating with vendors, monitoring budget spending and collaborating with other departments to find resources and more information for a project.

Assistant Project Manager skills and qualifications

A successful Assistant Project Manager should have some prerequisite skills and qualifications to meet the basic requirements for the job. An Assistant Project Manager applicant should have these skills and qualifications: 

  • 3+ years’ experience in project management or administrative assistance
  • Proficiency in any management software
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent multitasking skills
  • Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized

Assistant Project Manager salary expectations

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Assistant Project Manager education and training requirements

To qualify for the role, a Project Management Professional certification is a good starting point with at least 35 hours of coursework and hands-on application, plus either a written or oral exam. Other valuable certifications include Advanced Project Manager Certification (APMC) and Certified Project Manager (CPM).

A bachelor’s degree in management or a related course is highly favorable for an Assistant Project Manager. An MBA can also work as a substitute for a bachelor’s in management or a business-related bachelor’s degree. At the very least, a high school diploma plus a project management certification with relevant work experience in project management may be sufficient.

Assistant Project Manager experience requirements

Previous experience as an Assistant Project Manager or a similar role is highly desirable. Candidates who have worked under different roles within a project, such as a Project Scheduler, may also be considered. The candidate should also be conversant with project management tools like Gantt Charts and collaboration tools like Asana or Podio.

The candidate should also have demonstrable proof of managing staff, including hiring junior staff. The successful candidate should have leadership abilities with excellent problem-solving and independent decision-making skills. Experience with productivity and communication tools is also desirable. 

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Frequently asked questions about Assistant Project Managers


What makes a good Assistant Project Manager?

Strong Assistant Project Managers must be highly organized and know how to prioritize their tasks effectively. They’re often in charge of many small responsibilities involved in planning an event like budgets, event schedules and vendor details, so they must know how to build effective deadlines for themselves and follow them in order to implement the project on time. 

Many Assistant Project Managers regularly interact with different departments, vendors and clients to ensure all needs are being met for the project, so they should be confident and unafraid to address needs or problems to others.  


What's the difference between an Assistant Project Manager and a Project Manager?

A Project Manager typically oversees the implementation process of a project. The Assistant Project Manager works directly beneath the Project Manager. The Project Manager handles big-picture items for a project and determines the goals a client or the leadership team wants to accomplish with this project. The Project Manager then relays this information to the Assistant Project Manager, who completes the tasks needed to successfully complete the project. 

The Assistant Project Manager regularly checks in with the client, department or leadership team to get additional information on projects and to better understand their goals. The Project Manager makes sure these needs are being met by the Assistant Project Manager and provides them with the resources or information they need to successfully complete their tasks. 


Who does an Assistant Project Manager report to?

The Assistant Project Manager typically reports to the Project Manager with any questions or concerns they may have about certain projects. Usually, the Project Manager identifies the clients’ key goals, relays these to the Assistant Project Manager, then collaborates with the Assistant Project Manager to determine key goals they hope to achieve for a successful project and delegates tasks to them.

The Assistant Project Manager completes these tasks and then submits them to the project manager for final review before implementing the project. The Project Manager regularly checks in on the Assistant Project Managers progress to ensure everything is moving along smoothly and that deadlines are being met. 


Which industries do Assistant Project Managers typically work in?

Assistant Project Managers can work in an abundance of different companies and industries. They may work in a project management department for a larger company, regularly organizing and implementing several projects for different departments. Others operate in agencies, working on numerous projects at a time for several different clients. 

Assistant Project Managers who work in healthcare usually focus on projects centered on improving the efficiencies and operations of healthcare facilities. Others may work in construction industries to plan and coordinate the construction of new buildings and facilities. Some work as Digital Project Managers as they help clients build marketing campaigns within a certain budget to effectively promote their company.  

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