Assistant Store Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

An Assistant Store Manager, or Assistant Manager, is responsible for supporting the Store Manager in the daily business operations of a retail store. General tasks include supervising employees, communicating with and helping customers and carrying out directives given by the manager and the store owner.

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Assistant Store Manager duties and responsibilities

Assistant Store Managers complete management and organizational tasks that support the efficiency of a store’s operation and promote a great shopping experience for store patrons. They often have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervise and train staff
  • Review staff performance and offer constructive feedback
  • Collaborate with team leads on setting and achieving team-specific goals
  • Purchase inventory based on current trends, availability of new products and customer interest
  • Display merchandise to maximize purchasing appeal
  • Organize sales and product demonstrations
  • Write sales and customer reports and make recommendations for improvements
  • Interact with customers and resolve complaints or grievances

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Assistant Store Manager Job Description Examples

What does an Assistant Store Manager do?

Assistant Store Managers are typically employed at retail stores that sell clothing, jewelry, gifts, tech gadgets and other consumer goods, but they can also work in the food service industry in grocery stores or specialty food and drink shops. Assistant Store Managers use their experience working in retail and their leadership skills to aid Store Managers in hiring employees, setting employee standards, taking inventory and restocking shelves.

They also might be expected to fill in when the Store Manager can’t work. They often have a wider role of carrying out additional duties as necessary with the goal of improving business performance and customer satisfaction.

Assistant Store Manager skills and qualifications

Assistant Store Managers use a variety of soft skills and industry knowledge to provide the most comprehensive support they can, which can include:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively lead staff, help customers and work with upper management
  • Great customer service skills, including patience and active listening, to ensure customers feel heard and helped
  • Presentation skills and knowledge of best visual and marketing display practices
  • Conflict management skills to resolve customer issues effectively and ensure efficiency on teams
  • Good time management skills to set realistic deadlines and follow specific steps to reach time-sensitive objectives
  • In-depth knowledge of the store’s merchandise, its exact location and its prices

Assistant Store Manager salary expectations

An Assistant Store Manager makes an average of $27,383 per year. Salary may depend on the level of experience, education and geographical location.

Assistant Store Manager education and training requirements

Assistant Store Manager candidates may have a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent with years of relevant experience and training as a store staff member. Other candidates may have an associate or bachelor’s degree in business or another field. Training is often earned on the job, so Assistant Store Manager candidates are likely to have gained knowledge in general store management, customer service and other necessary tasks. Additional on-the-job training may be helpful to candidates with limited experience with specific store management processes, software or tools.

Assistant Store Manager experience requirements

Many Assistant Store Manager candidates are likely to have at least five years of experience in a retail setting, typically as a junior staff member or store associate. Some candidates may also have previous supervisory experience, often as a team lead or supervisor. Depending on the store’s needs, a degree and relevant certification may be acceptable in place of professional supervisory or leadership experience.

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Frequently asked questions about Assistant Store Managers

What should you look for in an Assistant Store Manager's resume?

Reviewing applications is an important part of choosing the right candidate for an opening. When reviewing applications for an Assistant Store Manager position, consider the following qualifications:

  • Previous experience working in retail: This demonstrates that a candidate has gained experience working with customer service and performing sales related duties like giving a sales pitch, greeting customers, ringing up customers and counting the drawer. Potential roles include Sales Representatives, Customer Service Representatives or Sales Associates.
  • Previous experience working as an Assistant Store Manager: This isn’t necessarily a requirement for someone applying for an Assistant Store Manager position, but it can be useful to hire someone who already has experience in a leadership role.
  • Detail-oriented nature: This can show that a candidate is aware of their surroundings, which is important when working for retail stores as theft and shoplifting may happen. A vigilant Assistant Store Manager may be able to prevent your business from losing profit.

Who reports to an Assistant Store Manager?

Typically, Sales Associates or Sales Representatives report to Assistant Store Managers when they have questions about their work duties or if there is a situation with a customer. If your business has a stock room with employees who help unload and organize inventory, Assistant Store Managers may also have authority over them. However, above all, each employee will report to the Store Manager. The Assistant Store Manager may take on more of a direct leadership role when the Store Manager is absent or if specific tasks need to be completed.

Is there a difference between the job titles Assistant Store Manager and an Associate Store Manager?

Yes, the difference between an Assistant Store Manager and an Associate Store Manager lies in their area of focus. For example, the Associate Store Manager is usually in charge or a particular department in a shopping center or mall. In contrast, the Assistant Store Manager helps the Store Manager in overseeing the entire store, including managing Associate Store Managers. In smaller retail locations, an Associate Store Manager position may not be necessary.

What career paths do Assistant Store Managers typically take?

Assistant Store Managers can go on to obtain full store management positions at a retail location. They may be able to use their retail experience in combination with further education in the form of a bachelor’s degree to get corporate positions. This may include positions as a Buyer, Merchandiser or Purchasing Manager.

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