Building Maintenance Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Building Maintenance Technician, or Facilities Maintenance Technician, is responsible for completing maintenance tasks to repair appliances and preserve the quality of a facility. Their duties include conducting routine maintenance checks, delegating tasks among the maintenance team and taking inventory of cleaning supplies and tools.

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Building Maintenance Technician duties and responsibilities

One of the main goals of a Building Maintenance Technician is responding to maintenance requests and handling any necessary repairs, such as fixing flooring, drywall, plaster and painting. Some of their typical daily duties include:

  • Performing quality checks on HVAC, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems
  • Checking and responding to security and safety issues
  • Testing and recommending new maintenance products
  • Coordinating deliveries from vendors and suppliers
  • Keeping documents of inspections and problems
  • Doing landscaping, pool maintenance and pest control
  • Keeping an inventory of cleaning and repair supplies
  • Training junior staff, if applicable
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Building Maintenance Technician Job Description Examples

What does a Building Maintenance Technician do?

Building Maintenance Technicians typically work for apartment complexes, college campuses, office buildings and other commercial buildings like hotels or retail stores. They use their knowledge of plumbing, construction and electrical work to maintain a functional building for residents, workers and other individuals. Their job is to work closely with other Building Maintenance Technicians to respond to maintenance requests for clogged drains, leaking vents or damaged walls. They may also complete maintenance work to the exterior of a facility, including painting, replacing windows or making repairs to A/C condensers.

Building Maintenance Technician skills and qualifications

A Building Maintenance Technician needs to have the following skills in order to effectively manage a building and keep a property in good condition:

  • Construction skills such as carpentry, painting, masonry, plumbing, roofing and welding
  • Advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills for fixing maintenance issues
  • Administrative skills for ordering supplies, handling records and scheduling maintenance
  • Physical strength and dexterity to lift, move and handle equipment
  • Stamina to deal with long hours standing or walking
  • Strong verbal and written communication for discussing maintenance issues
  • Ability to work in extreme hot or cold conditions
  • Organizational and time management skills

Building Maintenance Technician salary expectations

The average salary for a Building Maintenance Technician is $17.11 per hour in the United States. This salary depends on a candidate’s education, experience, certification and the number of hours they work.

Building Maintenance Technician education and training requirements

Building Maintenance Technicians are usually only required to have a high school diploma, though some employers prefer to hire candidates who have an associate degree with a focus on plumbing, drywall, electrical wiring and flooring, painting, structural, electrical and HVAC skills. Basic training in wiring and plumbing installation and repair is needed, and additional coursework in HVAC systems, mechanics, tool maintenance, refrigeration systems and welding is recommended as well. Many candidates choose to pursue this training by taking classes at technical colleges or vocational schools, while others might earn certification from a professional organization.

Building Maintenance Technician experience requirements

Much of the training for a Building Maintenance Technician position is done on the job. Employers typically look for Building Maintenance Technicians with 1-5 years of experience working with HVAC, plumbing, carpentry and masonry. Applicants with supervisory experience have a greater ability to be employed, and having computer experience, especially spreadsheets and inventory software, is a plus as well. Some employers prefer to hire candidates who have had an apprenticeship or an entry-level job in a relevant field, such as working in a mechanic shop or on a construction site.

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Frequently asked questions about Building Maintenance Technicians


What is the difference between a Building Maintenance Technician and a Building Maintenance Worker?

The difference between a Building Maintenance Technician and a Building Maintenance Worker is that Building Maintenance Technicians typically conduct more in-depth and skill-intensive tasks like repairing heavy machinery like generators or manufacturing equipment. In contrast, Building Maintenance Workers may only have the qualifications to perform common maintenance tasks like repairing drywall and replacing air filters. Further, Business Maintenance Technicians may be responsible for overseeing a team of Maintenance Workers and delegating specific jobs to them.


What are the daily duties of a Building Maintenance Technician?

On a typical day, a Building Maintenance Technician starts by reviewing their schedule for the day. They go to the supply room and gather the materials or tools they need to complete their first job. Throughout the day, they complete a variety of jobs like installing new equipment and appliances to rewiring electrical systems. They also remain on-call for additional jobs requested by the property owner, residents or office workers. Building Maintenance Technicians also take inventory of their supplies and place orders with vendors.


What qualities make a good Building Maintenance Technician?

A good Building Maintenance Technician is someone who has a variety of skills that enable them to contribute to the routine upkeep of a building. They value the perspectives of their coworkers and enjoy working as part of a team to identify and overcome maintenance issues. They also have excellent customer service to greet residents or office workers and carry out repairs on their behalf. A good Building Maintenance Technician is physically fit, which allows them to stand or kneel for long periods. This also helps them lift heavy equipment and tools. 

Additionally, Building Maintenance Technicians pursue continued education opportunities to enhance their skills and provide up-to-date maintenance practices.


Who does a Building Maintenance Technician report to?

A Building Maintenance Technician typically reports to the Building Owner or Property Manager. Building Owners set budgets for the maintenance team and work closely with Technicians to determine the best equipment, appliances and procedures to implement at their facility.

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