Business Development Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Business Development Manager, or Business Development Executive, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of business objectives among their company’s sales, marketing and business development professionals. Their duties include comparing current sales numbers to desired quotas, delegating sales and marketing tasks among team members and meeting with upper management to discuss their progress.

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Business Development Manager duties and responsibilities

The following are some of the important duties of a business development manager:

  • Maintain current client relationship and identifying areas for potential clients
  • Contacting potential clients to establish a business relationship and meet with them
  • Develop new sales areas and improving sales through various methods
  • Research the latest in the business industry and creating new opportunities to expand business
  • Collaborate with sales and design team to ensure requirements are met, such as sales numbers and profit goals
  • Train junior salespeople to improve sales goals and meet expectations
  • Strong understanding of company products or services as well as business position and competition to keep business competitive
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Business Development Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Business Development Manager do?

Business Development Managers typically work for corporations across a variety of industries to carry out tasks that support business growth. They use their experience working in business and sales to hire professionals for sales, marketing and business development roles. Their job is to analyze market trends and identify areas for improvement. This could include obtaining new suppliers to elevate product quality and coordinating new marketing initiatives to expand the company’s customer base. They may also support upper management by organizing meetings between clients and company executives.

Business Development Manager skills and qualifications

A successful business development manager candidate will have various skills and qualifications needed to do an excellent job, including:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or a similar area
  • About five years of proven sales experience in business or a related area
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal, in order to express technical and nontechnical concepts clearly and concisely
  • Technical skills required to create proposals and find solutions to meet client requirements, such as using software programs and machines
  • Excellent organizational skills to meet goals and set priorities
  • Be proactive, organized and handle work under stressful and uncertain environments

Business Development Manager salary expectations

An average salary expectation for a business development manager ranges around $67,801 per year based on close to 10,600 reported salaries. The salary can range from $14,000 on the low range to $177,000 on the higher range. A business development manager also has an average profit sharing of $10,000 a year.

Business Development Manager education and training requirements

A business development manager should have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related fields as a minimum for education requirements. Some business development managers have a master’s degree in business administration or related fields. Training in sales management and/or marketing is a plus although not required as years of work experience in the areas of business and sales are a key to look for in lieu of education.

Business Development Manager experience requirements

For this role, experience in sales and business management is a priority since this is a managerial position which will be responsible for other co-workers and their performance. About five years of experience working in sales in a business setting is required to prove experience in dealing with clients and internal co-workers. Leadership skills, such as performing presentations, training junior salespeople and having great teamwork with general sales and marketing areas, are also requirements to look for in a business development manager.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Frequently asked questions about Business Development Managers


What is the difference between a Business Development Manager and an Account Manager?

Both Business Development Managers and Account Managers work to maintain strong relationships between their company and business partners or clients. The main difference between a Business Development Manager and an Account Manager is that Business Development Managers have more seniority and a broader scope of job responsibilities. In contrast, Account Managers work specifically to obtain new clients and help existing clients use products efficiently. 

Further, Business Development Managers may also obtain new clients for their company. Still, they also have a responsibility to create policies and procedures for their team to communicate with clients effectively. They also meet with Account Managers and related roles to establish sales quotas.


What are the daily duties of a Business Development Manager?

On an average day, a Business Development Manager starts by checking for missed emails and phone messages. They reply to time-sensitive messages and review their schedule for the day. They make a point to visit with each department to view their progress, answer team questions and provide encouragement to the sales and marketing teams. Throughout the day, Business Development Managers participate in meetings with upper-management to learn about new business goals or procedures. They may also make presentations during these meetings to deliver proposals and summarize their recent accomplishments. 

Once back in their office, they send emails to their team to relay information from upper-management and make cold calls to business leads.


What qualities make a good Business Development Manager?

A good Business Development Manager uses their leadership qualities to uphold their company’s business goals and contribute their ideas. They should also have the ability to identify qualified candidates as they may be responsible for hiring business development, sales and marketing professionals to carry out specific tasks on their behalf. Business Development Managers have an innovative personality that enables them to repeatedly come up with new and improved business ideas. 

Further, a good Business Development Manager holds themselves accountable for unsuccessful projects. They also use these unsuccessful projects as examples to learn from in the future.


Who does a Business Development Manager report to?

A Business Development Manager typically reports to the Business Development Executive. They rely on the Business Development Executive for guidance when working on new business proposals. Business Development Executives may also provide them potential leads to disperse among themselves and their team members.

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