Business Operations Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Business Operations Managers, or Head Operations Administrators, oversee a companies activities coordinate the essential functions required to manage their workflow and achieve goals. Their primary duties include overseeing administrative employees, implementing communications procedures between departments and developing strategic initiatives to improve efficiency throughout the business.

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Business Operations Manager duties and responsibilities

A Business Operations Manager is a busy person with a range of duties that include the following:

  • Making sure that all operations run smoothly and align with quality standards
  • Overseeing accounting, bank processes and money handling, monitoring the financial data and recommending solutions to improve profitability
  • Creating strategies and policies for company growth
  • Implementing plans and procedures regarding stock losses and theft
  • Employing means to keep company costs down
  • Conducting staff performance reviews and motivating staff
  • Managing market initiatives and maximize business performance to reach the customer and company goals
  • Achieving better business practices

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Business Operations Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Business Operations Manager do?

Business Operations Managers work at mid-sized companies and large corporations to organize different company activities and sync them up to minimize wasted time and materials. Business Operations Managers conduct performance reviews, make recommendations on improving policies and procedures, develop plans for scaling business operations, research channels for cost reduction and monitor accounting processes. They are responsible for ensuring that each employee has the resources they need to complete their job by managing inventory, transportation, budgeting and hiring procedures. They act as a liaison between the executive team and the staff who implement their vision.

Business Operations Manager skills and qualifications

A great Business Operations Manager needs to have the following top skills:

  • Leadership and motivational skills: A Business Operations Manager needs to be able to motivate a team and provide specific goals
  • Good communication skills: An effective Business Operations Manager must be able to communicate on different levels with people. Being able to get a message across to staff, superiors and customers is an essential skill that is put to the test daily.
  • Problem-solving and conflict management skills: Since most working environments will have some sort of conflict either internally or with clients, the Business Operations Manager will need good conflict management skills to resolve conflict. 
  • Accountability: A Business Operations Manager is responsible for a number of business aspects, as such he or she needs to have a sense of accountability. 
  • People management and motivation: Companies only get things done when the staff is motivated. A successful Business Operations Manager knows how to build a strong team and develop positive relationships by understanding and addressing individual needs of staff.
  • Delegating skills: The difference between a happy and successful Business Operations Manager compared to a successful but unhappy Business Operations Manager is the ability to get things done through others and to know how and when to hand over tasks to team members. 
  • Able to work under pressure: Since a Business Operations Manager has to look after a number of things, there will be stringent deadlines to meet. It is important that a Business Operations Manager can effectively work even under pressure situations. 

Business Operations Manager salary expectations

In the U.S. the average salary for a Business Operations Manager is $66,961 per year. This salary estimate is based on 323 salaries submitted to Indeed, by Business Operations Manager employees, and collected from job advertisements over the past 36 months. It’s based on 3-5 years of Business Operations Manager experience.

Business Operations Manager education and training requirements

To qualify as a Business Operations Manager a candidate needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration or economics. Larger organizations often also require a master’s degree in business administration or finance. 

Business Operations Manager experience requirements

Job experience for this position may vary. Typically, a company will be looking for a candidate with 5+ years of experience in managing a complex human resources, finance or operations department. 

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Frequently asked questions about Business Operations Managers


What qualities make a good Business Operations Manager?

Because Business Operations Managers oversee all of a company’s most important logistics and administrative systems, an excellent Business Operations Manager has an analytical mindset that they can use to identify inefficiencies. They have a great memory and are able to keep track of industry regulations, safety requirements and other rules and codes specific to their field. Good Business Operations Managers have a problem-solving mindset and are highly solution-oriented. They have excellent interpersonal communication skills that allow them to relate to their employees and effectively report information to members of a company’s executive team.


Who does a Business Operations Manager report to?

A Business Operations Manager reports to a company’s COO or Chief Operations Officer. The COO collaborates with other company officers to estbalish a company vision and a strategic plan for meeting their mission, then works with the Business Operations Manager to identify the details, costs and actions necessary to implement that plan. They might also work closely with the Chief Financial Officer when implementing the logistics related to a company’s budget and expenses. If a company does not have a Chief Operations Officer, the Business Operations Manager can report directly to the Chief Executive Officer or company President.


What are the daily responsibilities of a Business Operations Manager?

On a daily basis, a Business Operations Manager can spend time in their office, meeting with clients or business partners, shadowing employees or surveying the production floor at their business. They develop guidelines for assessing employee productivity and the efficiency of different workflows. Business Operations Managers also collect feedback from employees about their working conditions and ideas for improvement. They review policy changes with administrative staff and provide them with directions on how to phase out old procedures and start using new systems.


What should you look for on a Business Operations Manager resume?

A Business Operations Manager’s resume should highlight their ability to gather data and interpret it to develop policies. A combination of administrative and managerial experience is ideal for someone applying for a Business Operations Manager role. Their resume should also indicate industry insights to show that they understand the key activities involved in running a certain type of business.

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